December 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintDecember 2019 Minutes


Date: Dec 17th 2019, 630pm at the Pierside Pub

Attendance: Scott, Steve, Farley, Rick, Margaret, Alex, Shelley

Regrets: Greg, Jean, Craig, Ryan

Approval of Past Minutes: 

Motion to Accept November minutes – Margaret, seconded by Alex, all in favour

Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League

-          Coaches need to be aware of which ices they can use for games. We used a Monday ice for games which was not the correct length for the Peewee game, so all those games needed to be rescheduled after the scheduling meeting.

-          Scheduling meeting happened. Teams were tiered as below:

·         Atom – Both in A

·         Peewee – 1 in A and 1 on B

·         Bantam – 1 in B and 1 in C

·         Midget – All three in A!!!!

-          16 Physical Foul penalty rule

·         Midget player accumulated 16 minutes of physical fouls. We received no notification from the LMLL. We followed up with the LMLL president who said the coach should be suspended.

·         From my interpretation of the rule the LMLL would notify us when a player hit that limit. I would assume that the president would be notified and then notify us.

·         LMLL working through the admin / tracking responsibilities of this rule.

·         Other orgs are having coaches monitor and suspend players, but that is not how this rule is worded, so I am hesitant to suspend players without notification from the LMLL.

·         There is no simple way out of GameSheet to get this information other than digging through the gamesheets.

·         We are going to discuss at our next LMLL meeting on Jan 7th

·         LMLL polled Novice LL teams about what Tier they are. They will be using a scheduler to set up these games, no scheduling meeting will be required. Port Stanley is Tier C.

Gate update

·         November $1494

·         December $1297


Steve -OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

·         Glen started by retracting what was apparently stated at the last meeting about not having a novice Rep league and confirmed that there will be Novice Rep hockey next year.

·         The flow charts for play downs are complete and will be sent out to the centers.

·         The next meeting is scheduled for January 6th in Strathroy at the Gemini Center in Strathroy.  This will be a scheduling meeting for Playdowns.  The format for the first round will be decided by # of teams and that they would try to avoid round robins.  Quarter final schedule begins February 9th.  Talk about rankings and in case people didn't know the team rankings are based on records against BB teams.  Games against any other center other than BB do not count towards rankings.

·         Pretty big discussion about shared boundaries and hybrid amalgamation.  Sounded like a bit of a sales pitch to try and create "A" centers.  Mentioned that there are several groups in talks but did not talk specifics.  Really got the feel that this is the vision going forward but not a lot of feedback from the group.

·         All teams have committed to the yearend novice tournament.

·         All Star games for Atom-Bantam will be in St. Mary's no Allstar game for novice as it’s the same weekend as the year end tournament.

·         The hot topic of the night was the official release of the Atom Pathway 2020-2021.  This was something that according to Glen was dropped on OMHA Saturday from Hockey Canada/OHF and OMHA was not happy with. The U11, U9, U8 pathway documents are pretty lengthy and very detailed about the structure of the season.  I read the highlights and it's not a whole lot different than what was released earlier in the year.  The part that caused the most debate is Atom tryouts can't start until AAA, and AA is complete.  AAA starts Tuesday after Labour Day and there's 4 development skates (Not evaluation) and then 4 evaluations.  Basically two weeks before AA can start there tryouts, another week for AA because the AAA cuts need a fair opportunity then other centers can start tryouts but they need to have 4 non evaluation skates before evaluations can begin so the way he explained it our center couldn't pick a team until October.  The development phase consists of 4 weeks, 12 practices, and 2 exhibitions.  No one was on board with this format.  The reason given was to start season and playoffs/play downs later to avoid teams being knocked in early January.  The development phase can happen through September but tryouts can't happen right away.  Glen admitted that he didn't understand this because it really can't be enforced.  Just like AAA teams not evaluating during the 4 development skates.

·         No changes to Pee-Wee hockey yet....But I expect there will be more changes in the future that will affect the 2011 kids.

·         The documentation should have been sent to the board on Monday at 3:00

·         A reminder to coaches to insure they follow up on suspensions.  Coaches can be suspended for playing an ineligible player, second offence is a season suspension.


Craig- Director of Coaching:

·         Had a several issues with teams practising NOT wearing all their protective equipment (neck guards and mouth guards) has spoken with a few specific coaches but nothing has changed


Shelley- Director of Tournament and Events:

·         Would like to form a subcommittee for Broomball weekend

o   Alex, Margaret, Shelley

·         Hockey Day in Canada

o   Possibly team meals, pizza or a family skate if there is ice

Ryan - Director of Development:

No update

Rick- Director of Sponsorship:

▪     Purchased 4 x 48” Rebounders that are now in the equipment room.

▪     Email to be sent to coaches reminding them that they are heavy and should be handled with care.

▪     Shooter tutors have been ordered and are currently with Jean

▪     3 Sets of Jersey bars are ready to be attached to jerseys – potentially Peewee Teams and a Bantam

▪     Working on the pop-up banners

▪     2 teams applied for the Froster sponsorship, cheque should be on the way

Joe – Director of I/P-

▪     Reminder should be sent out to people helping with the ½ ice boards that skates and helmets are required for any volunteers helping with the boards.

Jean – Treasurer Report: see reports

Greg- Director of Equipment:

-          A bucket of black pucks has gone missing. Alex to follow up with Shane as to whether they may have been put away in the Junior C dressing room.


1.       Atom LL Red is wondering if the board is willing to pay for Austin Hepburn’s hotel for their tournament because he is a non-parent volunteer?  (Kelly)


Motion was not put forward as there are and have been several other non-parent volunteers involved and we have not paid for those volunteers in the past. The team can decide to raise funds to cover the coach’s room.


2.       Are we planning to donate the profits from the gate for a weekend to the Port Stanley food bank this year like we did last year?  Potentially Dec 20, 21, 22 weekend? Or just a day? (Margaret)


We will donate the gate from Dec 21st to the Port Stanley food bank. We will also put out a collection box on Friday and Sunday.


3.       Follow up on Hockey Day in Canada

a.       Maybe we could do a shooting clinic / skills contest or something if there is free ice

4.       Lucas K’s team fees, should the Association reimburse the parents since he only played in one tournament?  Team fees were $250 and he only played one tournament (1 game).

No refund. The team fees are not refunded if a player quits or gets injured.

MOTION : To nominate Farley See as the Director of Fundraising for 2019/20 season. By Shelley / Seconded: Margaret. All in favour. Farley accepted.





Important Dates


January 15

Novice full ice implementation

January 28

LMLL Playoff Round 1 (Jan 29-Feb 23)

January 6

Shamrock meeting- Strathroy

January 7

LMLL meeting

February 8

Hockey Day in Canada

February 9

Shamrock Quarter Finals begin

February 25

LLML Playoff round 2 (Feb 26 -Mar 31)

Mar 27-29

Novice rep & LL playoff tournaments

April 10-12 2020