Sept 2021 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintSept 2021


Date:    Sept 21,2021 @ the back alley St Thomas      

Attendees:   Alex Russell, Isabelle Marchand, Greg Graham,  Margaret Powell,  Stephanie Haynes, Steve Van Duyhoven, Mark Vergeer, Jeremy Rouse, Mark Vergeer, Jeff Gillies, Rebecca Brown, Jean Devine, Daniel Richards and Greg Graham

Regrets: Amber

Motion to begin meeting:  Jean and seconded by  Isabelle   @  7:00 pm

Motion to End Meeting:  Jean and seconded by Greg  @ 9:20pm

Motion to approve Aug 24, 2021 minutes:    Alex and seconded by  Jean All in Favour                               

Motion to Approve June 8,2021 minutes:  Alex and seconded by Jean All in favour

Registrar Report:

We have had some withdraw(highlighted in red- orange and green are trying out elsewhere) There are some new players on the list since last week

The system defaults by age- there is one or two registered for u7 but new and want u5- I remember ones name but I am blanking on the other.

At this time:         U18- 33 registered   2 teams

                            U15- 28 registered    2 teams

                            U13- 34 registered (Possibly 2 more) 3 teams 1 rep and 2 LL

                              U11-  29 registered 3 teams  1 Rep 2 LL and possibly AP some kids

                            U9- 19 1 rep 1 LL        U8-21 2 LL





Directors Notes:

President- Alex Russell

I think the only burning issues that need to be addressed at the meeting are; Director Game Day Operations and reading the e-votes into the minutes, but I think it would be valuable to spend some time making sure we are all levelled up on the season structure, arena protocols and the general plans for each Director for the season. 



Folding U15 and U18 rep   Alex and seconded by Steve All in favour

Ordering hockey socks up to 3800.00  Mark and seconded by Jeremy all in favour


Screening has been simplified to confirmation that they have completed the online version (ie green check mark)  No need to take temperatures anymore.

Access to dressing room 25 min prior to ice time and 25 min post ice time – please remind coaches to have their team be quick in the rooms.

Masks at all times for anyone who doesn’t have a helmet on. 


Vaccine confirmations;

Next week we will need to start gathering vaccine confirmations – I’m thinking we should limit the people this has to be shared with and that we use the COVID Committee (Alex, Isabelle, Jeremy).  We will simply have an alphabetical registration list and initial and date when we validate the vaccine receipt that has been shown to us.  We do not take copies, have copies emailed to us or share with anyone else.  Once complete, we send to Candice and she can request the official rosters be processed (This is how the OMHA is ensuring compliance – no confirmation, no roster). 

All players 2009 and older, all bench staff, all on ice assistants, all executive, all game day staff.


Key items for the season structure;

No team selections for anyone until there have been at least 4 preseason skates

No tryouts before Sept 27 for U9 and U11 (AAA kids will start coming back next week, must have at least 3 evaluation skates)

No tryouts before Sept 24 for U13 (AAA kids will start coming back this week, NRP ones next week, must have at least 3 evaluation skates)

No league games (practices and tournaments are ok) during Christmas or March break, no eliminations prior to March. 

Games will begin early Oct (Rep schedule will be provided shortly, LL scheduling meeting is TBD – Isabelle may have an update)

Tournaments can be booked – check requests may start coming in as early as this week. 


VP and Director of Local League- Isabelle Marchand

League starts Oct 15


Director of Coaching- Joe Hentz

U9 and up coaches all selected and have enough volunteers for the younger groups

Director of communication Stephanie Haynes


Thank you everyone that submitted agenda items early, going forward would like to have all items submitted at the latest a week before meeting so everyone has more time to review agenda and be prepared before hand


Director of Tournament and Events- Rhenna and Daniel

-Potential tournament dates January 14-16 or March 4-6: going to look into Tournament date for Jan 14-16 as the Friday is a PA day for most children which would help be able to support having more teams involved

- rebranded the tournament name to include Pratt, Moyse, Disco Dave

-Hockey day in Port late October (maybe Oct 30) so we can host outdoors:  Going to discuss with Central Elgin as this date is close and want to confirm we are able to host this event

Hockey day in Canada is Jan 29,2022

-Santa Skate Dec 11.

Beer shed is still running


Director of Development- Margaret Powell    


Player Skills


APPROVED MOTION: To approve spending to fund 10 weeks of skills sessions for U9-U15 (7 teams). Sessions will run 1 hour in length for 10 weeks. Cost will be $200 /hour plus for two instructors plus tax. Total cost is to be approved is $16000 (including tax). [APPROVED – Sept 10]


Second - Steve

Amber, Isabelle,Mark,Joe,Rhenna,Rebecca,Jeremy,Dan,Greg


Current Plan – based on Numbers we may not require the Friday. Also could potentially use 8pm time slot but would be someone other than Mark from his team leading that session.

We have communicated that the instructors will need to have both vaccinations by Oct 16th

Goalie Skills

During the teams meeting please communicate to the coaches the $400 / goalie budget per player for development. Do we need a motion on this?

NEW MOTION. To approve $400 budget per goalie to be directed towards development sessions.

-Margaret and seconded by Greg All in Favour


Body checking clinic

-          Timing do we have an ice slot free?

-          Ellis

o    Classroom 45 minutes

o    On ice 50 minutes

o    Require coaches on the ice

o    Charge $25 (or Minimum $200/hr)

o    Associations sometimes charge the player $60-75 so this could be a money maker if we choose.

NEW MOTION: To run a body checking clinic at a cost of $60.00 a person -Margaret and seconded by Jeremy All in Favour

Game Day Operations

-          iPads and Cash box (cash was deposited so we would need a new float) are with Margaret currently

-          Are we planning any intersquad games – this is good practice to run the clock

-          We will need the codes for Gamesheet – LMLL / Shamrock before the teams are loaded

-          Recommend we do a coaches session with any new coach

-          Rosters may need to be loaded

-          Training session for crew on the time clock and Gamesheet

-          We ran a crew of 6-8 in past years, as a lot of the crew were players so scheduling around games was challenging.

-          We should have them also do the Ref scheduling. This means sending an email to the ref scheduler with the ice times we require refs.

-          We need an adult to run this – does anyone know someone who might be interested or have the bandwidth.

New Business

-          Date for Tournament? Nov 12 looks good as it’s a PD day. Need to pick a weekend when there are no tournaments in StT or we won’t be able to get Refs

-          How are we collecting the $100 volunteer cheque – was that communicated on the website anywhere?

-          Can the ice scheduler handle booking Refs as well?

-          Can the arena add the COVID vaccination request to their form?

-          Any leads on the Director of Game Day?


Director of Sponsorship- Rick Lalonde

Greenlane letter was submitted

Jersey Bars (have they been organized into proper sets?) 

Motion to put a budget of up to $500.00 towards putting all jersey bars on the correct jerseys   -Jean and seconded by Margaret    All in favour

Executive photos for the website

Director of I/P- Jeff  –

I am working on IP coaches for the U5 and U7 teams. I have reached out to a few. Some have shown interest, although they are waiting on how some of the older siblings make out with tryouts. My self and Joe I believe are going to run the skates with the help from the interested coaches for the first 2 weeks, by then we should have an idea who is able to be head coach.


On another note, after the 2 / 3 weeks are done with tryouts and conditioning skates. I believe some of the 2015's will be moving up to the U8 team that I am coaching. My questions is how do these players make the additional payment for the 3rd ice time / skills sessions? I believe its an additional $350 for the year.


Treasurer - Jean Devine    

 As of Sept 12, 2021 there are 35 unpaid registrations, however 8 have arrangements.

Follow up emails will be sent on Sept 13


For those moving, not returning, I will be issuing COVID refunds via cheque


Motion Request – Every year we have a few participants that require financial assistance. We always have donors who want their funds used to assist with the registration costs for families in our community.  Motion to allow a budget of $1000 to be used at the treasurer’s discretion to assist families in our community.  The president will be provided the scenario and offer of assistance for final approval.  These requests generally come to the registrar, treasurer and/or president.

Jean and seconded by Margaret   All in Favour                                                                                                                 

VP and Director of OMHA and Shamrock Representative- Steve Van Duyhoven      

Nothing at this time

Director of Volunteer Becky

Volunteer cheques will be discussed at all parent meetings, one cheque per family or you can  e-tranfer the funds if you do not have a cheque

Director of Equipment - Mark

Trainer kits are organized and one will be left inside the door of equipment room at all times.

Would like to clean up the room and take old goalie equipment to herms to be able to buy other supplies  

Director of Fundraising- Amber Brooks              

Nothing at this time      

Director at Large-  Jeremy Rouse

Nothing at this time

Director at Large-  Greg Graham                                                                                                                         


Important Dates



Next meeting


Oct 19,2021 at 7:00pm

Back alley St Thomas