PSMHA Social Networking Policy (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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PSMHA Social Networking Policy


SOCIAL NETWORKING is defined as communicating through on-line communities
of people such as, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogging, etc.

The Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association understands the importance of SOCIAL NETWORKING
 and recognizes its place in the public domain. It is also aware of the potential for misuse and inappropriate
unsupervised conduct which may be detrimental to the welfare of PSMHA, and the future of PSMHA players.

The PSMHA holds the entire PSMHA community,
including Executive Members, Managers, Coaches, Trainers, Players, Parents,
Support Staff, on/off-ice Officials and others who participate in
SOCIAL NETWORKING to the same standards as it would
with all forms of media including television, radio and print.

Inappropriate behavior exhibited through SOCIAL NETWORKING
media will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary
action being taken by the PSMHA. 


Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors