PSMHA Jersey Care (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Care and Maintenance of Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association Jerseys.

Jerseys constitute one of the greatest singular expenses associated with Minor Hockey. Port Stanley Minor Hockey hopes that each player will take great pride in representing their association and will treat the Jerseys with the respect that they deserve.

* Players are not to take Jerseys home with them. Parent reps should be assigned to collect, deliver and care for team jerseys before and after each game.

* Sports Drinks (such as Gatorade) are not to be used while the jerseys are being worn – Their Dyes can and will stain the Jerseys.

* Two Garment bags are provided for each team. Please take the jerseys in the garment bags provided to all home and away games.

* Hang Jerseys after every game to air dry – Do not use a dryer, even on cool – keep time in the garment bags to a minimum

* At a minimum, wash jerseys every two to three games for Midget and Bantam, every three to four games for Pee Wee and Atom and every 4 to 5 games for Novice to Tyke

* Wash Jerseys with regular detergent in cold water and hang dry – Do not use bleach or brighteners - do not use a dryer – even on cool .

* Do not use Iron on materials with the Jerseys.

* Snap on "C"s and "A"’s should be moved every 4 games to limit permanent marking at the points of contact. Stitch on "C"s and "A"’s should be put on with wide stitches for future ease of removal. All "C"s and "A"s are required to be removed at end of season. All snap on "C"s and "A"s are to be left in the team lock up at end of season or returned directly to the PSMHA Equipment Director.

* At end of season – collect all jerseys wash all jerseys and return to the hangers in the storage room - do not leave jerseys in the garment bag. Report any Jerseys that deem to be repaired or replaced to the PSMHA Equipment Director

* If, after washing, a jersey(s) remains significantly marked, please contact the PSMHA equipment director for advice on how to proceed.

* Tears and rips should be repaired immediately – please use colour matching thread.