What Is An A/P Player? (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintWhat Is An A/P Player?
A/P stands for Affiliate Player. This is a player who is rostered to one team but is allowed to play for a second team. PSMHA endeavours to keep team roster sizes at 12-13 players to allow teams to A/P players up to fill their game roster. This give players the opportunity to practice twice as much and develop at a faster rate and also to play more games.

The A/P players first priority is of course to his/her rostered team or the team he was first placed on. When The coach of his/her A/P teams coach requests them to play a game and there is no conflict with their rostered teams schedule they may play for the A/P team. If a conflict does occur, it is up to the coach of the rostered team to allow that player to miss their game, but it is not advisable.

All rostered players must play a minimum of 50% of their rostered teams games to be eligible for playoffs for either team.

If you have any questions of the A/P rules or expectations please speak to Alex Russell (President) for clarification.