PSMHA Dressingroom Cell/PDA Policy (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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PSMHA Dressing Room Cell/MP3 Policy
For the Safety, Security, and Privacy of our
players, coaches and other members,
All electronic devices equipped with a camera, video or still,
are prohibited from use in all dressing rooms being occupied by
PSMHA players.
This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, ipods/mp3 players,
hand held gaming systems,  or PDA's 
MP3 players may be used (at coach’s discretion) for appropriate
music in the dressing room provided it does not have a self contained camera.
Coaches may carry cell phones in the dressing room provided the devices
remain holstered or in pocket. Coaches must leave the dressing room to use
their device
Furthermore, ALL electronic devices are banned
from the ice surface.