January 2018 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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PSMHA Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2018 meeting 6:30 pm. Port Stanley Legion

Attendance: Karen, Alex, Luke, Christy, Bob, Craig, Ryan, Kevin, Scott, Candice Rob

Regrets: Heather and Shane


Parent Team Rep Reports

Novice LL- Margaret- 3rd in top division, all kids are contributing to scoring, everything is going pretty well

Bantam #1- Rieger-have not lost yet, usually11-12 players/game, Columbus trip is cancelled as too few numbers from team interested in going could not afford the bus, team building going to London Knights game and tournament in Ajax

Bantam #2- Wilson-5th in top tier, doing pretty good, parents are upset of two cancelled games without notice provided- both were home games, Bob explained that other center sent an email and did not follow up when no response-it has been suggested that LMLL discuss that a call needs to be made with short notice cancellation, as emails are not always best way to contact reps/coaches.

Peewee#1-Sawyer-looking for first win since re-seeding, all games are close- going to Buffalo for a tournament this weekend.


Brian Rieger-Rep Shedden Tractor Pull –inquired on what the tractor pull was getting from PSMHA for their $1000 donation.  Suggested signage is placed on the ice dividers.   Treasurer does not remember that a cheque has been received, going to look into sponsorship cheque for this season.


Approval of past minutes Motion- Alex, Second –Craig – All in Favour


OMHA/Shamrock Report-Luke  Nothing to report as last meeting was OMHA scheduling meeting for play downs

Asked for a clarification of the OMHA’s Policy and procedure 3.0/3.1 rule from Glenn Silver-awaiting an answer


LMLL Report – Bob lots of rescheduled games from weather-away teams have the right to cancel games due to weather- LMLL wants notification 3 hours prior to game time.

Cancelled games will not affect results/playoffs as it is based on winning percentage


IP- Kevin – SR IP has played 4-5 exhibition games now-and it is going well-the centers have come up with ground rules based on guidance provided by the OMHA-no scores, no refs, a coach is on the ice with the kids, 3 min timed buzzers.

JR IP festival/exhibition games-rosters still need to be approved—awaiting transfer of coach.

2 hour practices assigned lately are too long for JR ip kids

Plans to have a parent meeting about what is going to happen next season.


Financial Report- Alex See monthly summary, has updated sponsorship- in report

Broomball profit last year was $2000, hockey moms, Doug and Alana are no interested in participating this year

Question is we going to run it this year? Is it profitable? Big question getting enough volunteers, more info is needed.

Registrar Report –Candice nothing to report estimated we have 186 kids in port this season


Coaching Report- Scott nothing new


Equipment Report-Craig Does not want to order any new jerseys until registration numbers for next year are in.  Wondering what we should do with the old trophies and pictures in lockup.


Program Development-Rob would like to arrange 4 more goalie training sessions this season with Terry Would cost approximately $100/hour plus the cost on ice rental.

Rob also suggested that we should consider tiring our local league teams- as other centers are doing the same

Motion by Rob - Second by Luke: To provide four one hour additional goalie training sessions.   Time and cost to be determined.  All in favour


Fundraising Report-Christy- nothing to report

Sponsorship Report- position still vacant

Special Events/Tournaments-Heather absent and no report submitted

Preservation of PSMHA committee report Survey and information package has been completed and to be handed out ASAP- Matt to be notified to put on website. 


Rep Hockey Debate- Survey Update –results will be available at Feb meeting

Hockey Day in Canada -cancelled

Rules and Regulations Update –most recent draft to be sent out to all board members to review for next meeting to discuss.     Any “rogue league” players would be ineligible to vote at AGM this season.  Need a sign in system for voting members at the meeting this year.

AGM Motions have to be posted 30 days prior to the meeting

Banquet          Yes or no?  Volunteers needed other options-pizza party last day on the ice.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.


Next meeting is Tuesday Feb 20th, 2018