May 2017 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintMay 2017

PSMHA Meeting Minutes May 16, 2017

Start time 6:39 pm

In attendance  Karen Carroll, Luke Cummings, Bob Hepburn, Todd Sawyer,  Candice Wakulich, Amy Drenth, Ryan Adams, Kevin Barendreght.

Approval of Past Minutes  Luke Motioned to approve the minutes of the May 2 2017 meeting.  Todd seconded. All in favour.

OMHA/Shamrock Report –Luke

  • Glenn Silver has asked to stay on as Regional Director of OMHA

  • AGM June 9&10.  Risk Management on agenda once again for information session.

  • Gender Neutral Training to implemented June 1 and all coaches, volunteers will need to complete before October 1, 2017

  • OMHA VP – Craig Lane indicated that a proposal to OMHA board for NRP ‘backfill’ may be presented at AGM.

  • Hockey Canada conference is taking place in June and there is speculation that Hockey Canada will ‘open boarders’ specifically in Ontario where rep hockey numbers are struggling (below ‘A’ centers)

  • More information to follow after Hockey Canada conference regarding Initiation Program cross ice games.

  • Midget ‘ATM’ policy to be implemented into Manual of Operations formally for upcoming 2017/18 season.  Was only pilot project up until this season.

For Shamrock

  • Scheduling requires arena blackout dates for home ice times

  • December 16, 2017 Midget All-star Game to be held at Southwest.

  • Schedule will be similar to last season, only change will be to 20 games (was 18)

  • DD teams will not play BB, and will play other DD, two home and home. 

  • Suspension list also available.  No PSMHA players listed at this time.

No meeting scheduled for June 2017.

Luke’s understanding is that individual Boards are ultimately the one who decides whether they field a rep team however must go through the OMHA process.

LMLL Report – Bob

No LL meeting, AGM is in June 6th 2017.  There is to be a Sub-committee for all of LL rules, playoff format, and to determine format of tyke for this season.  Referee’s possibly 3 man referee for midget games this season vs 2 officials.

IP Program Report- Kevin 

 He will be reviewing the new HC requirements for IP hockey over the coming weeks and hope to have more to report at the June meeting. Plan will depend on Hockey Canada ½ ice policies and upon the LMLL plan will they run a league?  and what will the format be

Financial Report- Alex

Motion to approve financial report by Luke second by Amy all in favour

Registration Report-Candice

106 total registrations at this time. SR IP 9 registered, JR IP 2 registered, Novice 15 registered (13 interested In rep), Atom 15 registered (11interested In rep, two made AAA- 4 from novice rep are unregistered), Peewee  21 registered (12 interested in rep, 1 withdrew registration after cut from St Thomas, 3 unregistered from rep team last season), Bantam 14 registered (7 interested in rep), midget 27 registered (16 interested in rep, 2 made AAA, 8 who were on midget rep last year are unregistered).  Juvenile 3 registered.  At this time there are insufficient numbers to field a juvenile and bantam rep teams.

Coaching Report-Doug  

I have had 7 applications in multiple age groups (novice to midget) will be putting together a 4 person coaching committee Mid-June - any members who want to participate please notify me

Deadline for coaching applications will be same as registration July 1 after deadline I will sort out the divisions lacking coaches and back fill 

Equipment Report-Norm 

I was able to connect with Hugh and gain access to the arena and equipment.  I will be completing a jersey inventory before the end of this month to ensure adequate time for replacement jerseys to be ordered.


I still have not received any returned team jerseys from Jason Weiner - Atom Coach.


I am aware of 5 or 6 separate communications to Mr. Weiner with no response to both Hugh and myself. If any board member knows Jason and can get some action on this issue, it would be appreciated.


Program Development-Rob

I have provided information regarding Skills for next year.  Progressive fees similar to last year and Goalie skills same price as last yr.  Terry is requesting 4 goalies per session only.  This will require we get goalies to register and commit to attending all sessions.  

I would like agreement to commit to providing skills as discussed so I can confirm both groups.


Fundraising Report- Amy.

Nothing to report- I will start to receive emails from the website from companies in June.  From time to time they email them directly to the President-feel free to forward them to Amy.

Sponsorship Report- Todd

Looking for new sponsors. If anyone has any ideas please contact Todd.   Greenlane must get on their agenda for sponsorship.  Luke gave Todd a copy of last year’s proposal.  Proposing a banner instead of sponsor bars.  Initial quote $350 for first year and $200 for following seasons.  Advertising logo and banner--he proposes no jersey bars as they are a hassle.  Part of the admission job to put up a banner at each home game.  He is getting quotes

Special Events/Tournaments-Heather

Marketing and special events have an OMHA special events team. 


Appointed positions to be selected:

Registrar –one applicant - Candice Wakulich unanimous

Ice Scheduler/Convenor – two applicants --Pat Elliott unanimous and Cindy McIntyre

Game Day Operations—one applicant --Cindy McIntyre -unanimous

Webmaster   two applicants--Christy Hunking and Matt Moyes- unanimous

Head Trainer Matt Moyes-(has level 3- recertification this season) will stay on for now.  Suggest that once trainers are in place we can see if there anyone interested and qualified.

Establish a committee to Incorporate PSMHA as a non-profit organization   Luke has looked into the paperwork for incorporation for non-profit businesses. Seems straight forward.  Luke agreed to chair this committee and recruit Alex to go through the paperwork.  Lawyer is available from OMHA to review documents and guide association through the process.

Establish a New Disciplinary Committee –defer to next meeting-a suggestion was for an outside party (law student?) could be a approached to be a part of the committee.

Establish a committee to discuss Amalgamation or alternative options for PSMHA Rep program.  –Luke proposes to discuss with St Thomas, options.  Five members went to discuss with St Thomas (as per the motion at the AGM), they talked about the Nobel- King- Chamber agreement as an option.  Would they pursue any further or is it a no go?  They were interested in looking into this option further.  It was an informal meeting to gauge interest, no recommendations or plan has been arranged.

Members have reservations about agreeing with considering amalgamation, lost revenues, giving up on Port Rep hockey.  Want Board to explore all our options for the future for Port Stanley MH.  Some members worry that we are following Thamesford’s path (no longer a center).  Basically, some members are upset about how the proposal early this year was brought to PSMHA  attention (via email to Treasurer).  Things to consider  t Thomas is in the Alliance league as a guest, by becoming larger, still doesn’t decrease the travel time.  If Port amalgamated with Belmont and Aylmer they may possibly become an A center?  Has to start somewhere with discussions.  It could be a few years for anything to happen. 

Defer committee selection to June meeting after AGM.

Rep Hockey in Port –Which teams are a GO this season 2017-18 All rep teams will not be decided upon until July 1st registration deadline.

Juvenile-will there is a team this season?  Still haven’t fulfilled their fees from last season.  Was a nightmare to administrate with a revolving roster.  Had more ice time then was originally agreed upon.  Lack of kids maybe attributed to the fact that the Jr C team tries to take Port kids-taking many quality Port kid from the juvenile program.  By registration deadline of July 1st there needs to have 15 juvenile kids registered to be a go this season.  Some members have nostalgia for the times they played juvenile and really want it to be there for their children. Debate over this team--- Should it be financially sustainable? – or do we owe these kids for their years of involvement with PSMHA and subsidize their play?  How many kids were PSMHA kids? This needs to be discussed further at July meeting.

Ice Schedule Master Plan-to be discuss next meeting

Deadline for coaching applications- July 1st 2017

School Flyer creation and distribution before the end of the school year.  Candice sent  template to Todd who will discuss printing options with Doug Howie

Next meeting June 20th 6:30pm (possibly June 19th location TBD)

Adjournment:  9:03pm.