October 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintOctober 2019 Minutes


Date: October 15 2019, 630pm at the Pierside Pub 

  • Motion to start meeting – Kelly Savage and Alex Russell

Approval of Past Minutes- September Minutes – Alex Russell and seconded by Kelly Savage

Attendees: Craig Sim, Alex Russell, Rick Lalonde, Joe Hentz, Margaret Powell, Shelley Boyes, Jean Devine, Kelly Savage 

Regrets: Scott Bate, Ryan Adams, Shane MacPherson, Janet Wilson, Greg Graham

Registrar Report:

Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League

- Port Convenor - Tim Ross

- Coaches need to come to LMLL rep to change games – shouldn’t be working directly with the other coaches

- Novice / Minor Novice had a scheduling meeting to book their games

               Standards of Play rules

  • Gate / Time should be tracking and make coach aware when they hit the 8th minute

  • Player leaves ice when 8th minute is assessed, another player sits penalty

  • Gate crew should flag the player with a GE101

  • Document to be posted in the Ref Room and gate box

Regional Championship update

  • Each league will run one championship April 4 & 5 in Leamington 

    • Novice/Atom

    • Peewee/Bantam

    • Midget

  • Top team from each league – 3 team championship tournament / series

  • Ideally run as a tournament – Looking for centers who might have late ice who would be willing to help

  • LMLL Executive will be involved in running and supporting with volunteers

  • Gate Fees will be in effect

  • There may be a cost for teams to enter

Gate Update 

  • Selling Gate passes ($40 / 10 games, or $20 / 10 games)

  • Collected $1070 to date

  • Lori & Lynn are doing a fantastic job managing the team

Silver Stick Pins Ordered

  • 4 teams are currently planning to attend

  • Sourced and ordered 500 pins that are targeted to arrive before the first tournament

  • Plan to sell extras at gate as a fundraising effort

  • Action Item: pins bought by the board to sell as a fundraising tactic at the beginning of the season.  

Sponsorship Thank You

  • Handed out to sponsors thank you cards with the sponsorship paperwork for tournament and team included

  • Optimist $1000 donation – $800 towards a team and $200 towards the tournament. We have agreed to sell chocolate bars for them again at the tournament or broomball. 

  • Can we do some social media recognition of team sponsors? 

  • Atom LL had some companies interested in sponsors did we follow up on this?

Craig- Director of Coaching:

  • Need more coaches at the IP level 

Shelley- Director of Tournament and Events:

  • Trying to recruit volunteers for the tournament 

Ryan - Director of Development:

Rick- Director of Sponsorship:

GT’s have agreed to a three-year team sponsorship

Port Stanley Optimist – agreed to a 1-year sponsorship, they have $800 for a team and $200 towards the tournament (thanks Margaret)

Wellington St Family Dentistry- have agreed to a two-year sponsorship

Port Stanley Lioness- they have decided to a three-year sponsorship as well as give $200 towards the tournament (thanks Shelley)  

Sponsorship bars- ordered and expected within 2 weeks

Pop up Banners- Alex to deliver to arena to be inspected and then add sponsors to it

Frosters Sponsorship – Both Peewee teams and one Bantam team have signed up.  Next step is to order the crests for the jerseys

Greenlane Community Fund- We have been given the full amount asked for, approx. $20,000. Towards skill development and equipment for the younger players

Joe – Director of I/P-

  • 40 IP players have ben split into 2 “teams” and 16 pre-school 

Jean – Treasurer Report:

  • On the treasurer’s report does anyone have concerns if we split fundraising and sponsorship money?

  • Board does not agree to allowing the treasurer to send out E-transfers at this time

Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

Greg- Director of Equipment:


  1. West Lorne Atom team information:

  • They only had 10 players sign up for Atom hockey

  • To make a team they made it a rep team so they wouldn’t lose anyone to 3.5s.  

  • The team is a mix of higher end (last few cuts of AAA) players and players that are new to hockey.

  • They were beat badly in their first game and those rep level players are exploring their options elsewhere.

  • Some (5) of the remaining players live in the Dutton area and are very interested in coming to Port.  

  • Parents have been bombarding our phones/email desperately looking for a place to play.    

  • We have a large 15 skater atom roster, if we take the 5 from Dutton, we will have 2 smaller teams of 10.  

  • You cannot AP from Novice.  

  • We can retain our Atom rep team and still accommodate these kids

Motion submitted by Kelly: “to create a second Atom LL team, provided we have a firm commitment from 10 skaters.  The commitment can be shown from NEW players with a deposit of $200. And from existing players by an email by Oct 18th at 9pm”, seconded by Jean.  Motioned carried with a vote of 5:2.  

  1. Message from Alex 

  2. refs for Midget and Bantam, did we decide on two or three?

  • Two refs will be scheduled going forward

  1. Any update on the boundary/amalgamation discussion?

Important Dates:

October 23

Minor Novice season begins (ends Mar 11)

October 25-26th

Team photographs

November 1-3

Port Stanley Memorial Atom LL Tournament

December 3

LMLL Scheduling meeting (Dec 4- Jan 25)

January 15

Novice full ice implementation

January 28

LMLL Playoff Round 1 (Jan 29-Feb 23)

February 9

Hockey Day in Canada

February 25

LLML Playoff round 2 (Feb 26 -Mar 31)