November 2017 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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630 start - Alex, Karen, Luke, Christy, Ryan, Scott, Kevin, Rob

Bob arrived at 7

Regrets – Heather, Craig, Candice

Parent Team Reports

IP – Jr’s starting to make arrangements for games – 3-4 volunteers have stepped up.  Some games set up with Lambeth.

Sr IP’s – 2 teams, 8-10 games set up.  9 centers in the loop, some decisions on the fly which we will have to adjust to.  Ie some don’t have barriers, mini-nets or use a buzzer.  We have 2 even teams, both with A and B lines, we can move players if the centre we play has an A and B team.  Have some goalie interest and a volunteer who is helping organize.  Games - No referee required, no game sheet.  TBD - Are Exhibition permits required?  Not much for tournaments. 

Novice Rep – 9-4-1, decent team, doing well in tournaments, but haven’t won one yet…

Novice LL – doing well, in the top division had a tournament last week did ok.

Atom LL1

Atom LL2

Peewee 1- doing well, in top tier playing mostly teams from the East after the reseeding– playing well having trouble scoring.  Not sure what to expect for the rest of the season.  Scheduling meeting was a challenge – everyone had the same ice time (SAT), many conflicts or times when we had to use our designated practice ice to fit in a game.  Only 2 tiers, wish there were 3, as the gap top-bottom in each tier is significant.  Going to Buffalo for away tournament.   

Peewee2 – Haven’t won yet.  Getting better, in lower tier, away tournament this weekend. 

Bantam 1 -

Bantam 2 – Doing well 6-1 in top tier.  Tournament this weekend.  Core group who have been together for a while.  Small roster is ok, AP’s helping provide some rest to the team.  Those who have AP’d are playing much better when they go back to their peewee team – we need to encourage coaches to AP.

Midget 1 – Struggling but carrying on.  High variety of skill of players, hopefully things will be better now that we are tiered. 

Midget 2- Struggling, some minor player issues.  Hopefully it will be better now that we are tiered. 

Approval of October Minutes - Motion to approve Alex, Luke 2nd all in favour

OMHA/Shamrock –

Sr IP Minimum 11 players on a team, can bring in a couple of 6 year olds to make 11, but cannot have 12 7 year old and add 6 year olds.  Can only top up to get to 11 players (geared towards making teams viable, not to give 6 year old an opportunity to play full-ice – even if they have the ability).   

Q to OMHA - Can we have 11 7 year olds and AP 2-3 6 year olds for tournament, or to cover against absences? OMHA to let us know.

Many associations reporting they are losing players to Red Circle, who still play full ice.

Scheduling of SR IP – had a meeting, would have been nice if it was included in the regular scheduling meeting – or done by a real scheduler. 

OMHA Playdowns, drop downs need to be in by Nov 15, our Novice team will not move, but may have more teams to play against in DD.    

Juvenile LL Planning by Shamrock– no-contact, age 18-20, plus 6 21 year old players, co-ed.  Meeting in Dec to determine interest.  Stiff guidelines for fighting and suspensions – 0 tolerance, want to provide kids with a place to play and prevent it from becoming a goon league. 

Referees have been instructed to give 2 min penalty for offending team if game doesn’t start on time.

Teams that flood during the game must allot 75 minutes or cancel the flood.  If there is a flood and curfew, offending team may be forced to forfeit – fight or injuries excepted. 

In general, Shamrock games are not to be curfewed – send email to Luke (Email link of website – Shamrock Director) if this happens

Novice Rep – Parkhill requested to drop down to AE, declined due to late request (LL scheduling was next week).  Dropped down to DD for playdowns.  Cancelled a game last minute to avoid playing very strong team, 500 fine – appealed and fine was waived. 

Noted, we have the option of fielding a rep team and if things don’t go well, dropping down to AE – if we feel we are weak, before the season starts, if we are not sure, we need to decide early.   

LMLL Report

Belmont Juvenile – Poor practice attendance, better game attendance, but generally lacking commitment.  Changed their structure to be like the team we folded dropped fees down to $400, dropped practices and only get practice time when ice isn’t being used by the association.  Not doing well. 

IP covered in IP report above

Scheduling meeting went ok –most teams with Sat ice, little flexibility.  We had to use some practice time to get all of our games scheduled. 

Still working on hiring an ice scheduler like Shamrock.

Some ice being burned due to games scheduled on the same days as practices.  Suggested uses – IP, lengthen practice times, open skate for anyone who can make it, sell to other organization (Sailors, Panthers, Stars).  We cannot cancel and avoid paying unless we give a months notice. 

No feedback from our LL teams on rostered select option – will not pursue. 

AP’s need to encourage – these kids are really developing. 

IP Program Report – covered in team update above. 

Financial Report

Reviewed Highlights and correspondence from Optimist Club.  Too late for Dickens Day parade this year, but agreed to reach out to see what they need for the other events. 

Should have a small surplus in the 15k range, which is where we wanted to be.

Teams have started to reimburse for tournament checks

Reviewed the attached report on gate – like the new format and information provided.    

Registrar Report  - ALL Registrations Paid!!!  Rosters are all finalized (IP’s in process of finalizing their rosters)

Coaching Report

Nothing new to report – no significant issues. 

Equipment Report

New goalie equipment being used

Discussion on changing the code for door – almost everyone knows the code.    

Need to remind coaches to put stuff away (pucks especially) after practice.  

Program Development

Just wrapped up. 

In process of reviewing with Service Providers.

Skills – so many kids come out, how do we divide? Add an hour and divide the younger kids, move them around by ability.  Struggle with numbers and 3-4 kids who were disruptive and brought down the whole group. Low midget attendance.

Goalie – good attendance, especially younger kids.  If we get many more goalies, may need to add time to them as well.  Some kids have reached out and are using him in the summer too.  Very positive response from those who participated.    

Principals – Free = greater participation, when we charged the attendance was 1/3.  Early in the season, when we get the most value for them, during the week when most teams are not playing. 

Fundraising Report

1st pepperette 5960 in sales 4172 in costs.  Bulk of teams that do it, only have 3-4 players that do it.  Some the person does the fundraising, gets the $, some do a team pot.  Need to revise Dec date to Dec 4 (Monday) because Christy is away for a tournament.  

Good feedback on quality.

Sponsorship Report

Position is still vacant, but board members reached out to community partners and we received many donations this month (Optimist, Legion, Scotia Bank)

Greenlane made a significant donation again this year to allow us to offer free/low cost skills program.  We need to make sure we add ice costs in the summary we provide them – especially if we plan on adding ice time next year.

Special Events/Tournaments

Nothing new to report

Preservation of PSMHA

Some informal discussion with St T, but no response to our initial proposal of Aug 22.  They have been very busy getting the season going, reseeding of their teams, Rogers event.  They are still interested in talking to us, but we should start to plan on having rep teams next season.  Novice, Atom, Midget should have numbers, pewee and bantam may be tight.  We will share the AE option mentioned above and hopefully it will get us enough registrations to make them viable too.     

I hope to have a better update next month – or better yet an actual meeting. 

New Business

AP Fees (100) due by Dec 1, e-transfer preferred method of payment, no fee for goalies. 

Volunteers-need to submit name, birthday address and phone # to Registrar. 

Jr C team advised us that they will be issuing payment for Tyler Simon, whom they signed this season.  They have a renewed focus on local players and were very pleased to be able to add him to the roster.  We typically donate these fees back to the Jr C team to encourage our relationship. 

Jr C’s are looking for teams to play intermission games.  Sunday’s are in the afternoon and more suitable for younger kids – note they are at Memorial arena.  Ask your teams. 

Jr C’s are also willing to partner on a fundraising component for their games too. 

Adjourn 9pm