May 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintMay 2019 Minutes

Date: May 21, 2019 – 6:30pm @ Port Stanley Legion

Attendees : Alex Russell, Shelley Boyes, Greg Graham, Rick Lalonde, Joe Hentz, Ryan Adams, Margaret Powell, Jean Devine, Kelly Savage

Regrets: Janet Wilson, Shane MacPherson, Craig Sim, Scott Bate

MOTION PASSED : Motion to approve March 2019 minutes –Alex, second by Jean. All in favour. Motion Carried.

Broomball discussion

·         “A” level teams want more competition as to not always play the same teams (push it back to them to find competition)

·         Jean and Kelly have lists compiled with volunteer hours and food listings, need the beer amounts to be added

·         Referees: do we recruit students or players to help ref or set stronger guidelines to follow, ex no drinking and limit games and request no drinking unless their games are complete

·         THE DANCE- should we explore having it again, either off site (legion) or host it again???


Registrar Report (as of May 17th)




5 players

Pre Novice

6 players


8 players, 1 goalie


18 players, 3 goalies


11 players, 4 goalies (full) Carter Todd still in tryouts for St. Thomas


15 players and 1 goalie – Shore and Eitel still in tryouts in St. Thomas


22 players and 3 goalies (jr Coleman made rep in St Thomas)


·         Things to consider are the players coming back from AE tryouts in the fall, what to do if the rosters are already full? **** explore this next meeting


Director of OMHA/Shamrock – Shane MacPherson- nothing to report


Director of Local League- Margaret Powell

·         Will LL be running Novice similar to Shamrock?  The AGM is later in June and these details will be discussed. 

·         “Quality of Play” with regards to penalties

Director of Program Development- Ryan Adams

·         Mark Ellis has confirmed Monday nights for 10 weeks beginning Sept 16th

·         Goalie skills will run on Wednesdays with a rotating “extra” practise for each team, Novice and Atom 5-6 pm and then Peewee and Bantam 6-7pm

Action Item: Shelley to contact Kim McCaw regarding some skills for the IP kids on Sundays



Director of Coaching- Craig Sim

·         Set up coaching email example [email protected]

·         4 coaching applications so far

·         Not many coaching evaluations submitted

·         Margaret has reached out to Austin Hepburn to work with a team either as a coach assistant or development

·         Steve Van Duynhoven will help with some goalie development as well.


Director of Equipment- Greg Graham

·         McDonalds AtoMC program update- now have 3 sets of jerseys for LL program and socks

·         Timbit jerseys to be ordered

·         Jersey’s need to be ordered by August

·         Applied for a new set of goalie equipment with OMHA

·         Exploring more pricing for a new jersey producer

·         Optimist money to be used for new goalie equipment


Action Item: new code for door to the equipment room or a new lock with a key and given to coaches and one kept at the arena




Director of Initiation Program- Joe Hentz- nothing to report

Director of Sponsorship- Rick Lalonde

·         Needs amount for development for Greenlane fund

·         Going to ask to cover referee course for young referees, skills and goalie development



Treasurer Report – Jean Devine/Alex Russell

·         Close off 2018/2019 books

·         Swap Jean and Luke for signing authority

·         Add Candice for e-transfer





Director of Tournaments and Events- Shelley Boyes

·         Get tournament listed on OMHA website and PSMHA website and confirm dates

·         Tournament Nov 15-17 including daytime games as it’s a PA day and ending Sunday at 5pm. 

·         include Peewee and Atom LL teams.

·         $950 entry fee

·         Schedule to be revised to include more teams and all- day Friday.



6-7 A1 vs A2

7-8 A3 Vs A4

8-9 B1 vs B2

9-10 B3 Vs B4



9-10 A1 vs A3

11-12 A2 vs A4

12-1 B1 vs B3

1-2 B2 vs B4

2-3 A1 vs A4

3-4 A2 vs A3

4-5 B1 vs B4

5-6 B2 vs B3

6-630 Buffer

(630 Sailors ice starts)



Playoffs of top pairings and have 4 champions? Or playdown and have 1? Or…?

9-10 A4 vs B4

10-11 A3 vs B3

11-12 A2 vs B2

12-1 A1 vs B1





1.       Appointed positions to be selected:

Registrar – currently Candice, willing to do it again if no-one else offers- THANK YOU!

Ice Scheduler – currently Pat, willing to again – would appreciate a small raise, but I don’t think it is required.

Game Day Operations – Currently Lynn Barrett, will do again as long as her work doesn’t change significantly. 

Webmaster – Blair Wilson has stepped up- Jean to confirm is he is still interested 

Head Trainer – Alex to investigate whether we need one as an organization


2.       Establish New Disciplinary Committee

·         Craig, Alex, Shane, Ryan, Shelley


3.       2019/2020 Ice Schedule

·         See attached chart


Pre Nov - Mon Skills 5-545, Sat 945-1050, Sun 815-915

November - Mon Skills 6-705, Fr prac 5-6, Sat 1050-1155, Sun 915-1025

Atom - Mon Skills 6-705, Fr prac 6-7, Sat 1205-155, Sun 1035-1145

Peewee Mon Skills 715-820, Th prac 830-930, Sat 115-230, Sun 1145-1

Bantam Mon Skills 715-820, Th prac 930-1030, FR 7-830, Sun 7-830

Midget Mon prac 830-10, Fr 830-10, Sa 230-4 and 5-630, Sun 830-10**Assumes 3 midget teams**


**Most teams will need to play away on Sat or Sun – doing so on both days will result in no home ice** 


Discussion – give up Oct 31 – Thursday – would bantam/midget practice?  YES Alex wil give this time up


Superbowl Sunday Feb 2 - give up ice 7-10pm YES- Alex will give this time up


4.       Hockey Day In Canada– Feb 15, 2020 – ask for the ice all day or run as is?  Have the ice all day and make sure coaches know to schedule their teams at home   

·         Great turnout last year and excellent player feedback from home teams and visitors too.

·         Hockey Mom event too


5.       Referee School – does the Association pay for the applicants- request Greenlane money to support the development of young refs within our association

Jean- golf tournament to raise funds with St. Thomas for these players

Motion: Kelly proposed the motion that the Association pay for the three registrants to attend the referee school. Second by Margaret, all in favour, motion carried




6.       Open Discussion – I think we should include something our website on “Why play in Port Stanley?”

Skills for all 7 years and up included

Goalie skills included

Jersey and socks included

Seeding within the league based on how your team plays

Firm start/end to the season (ie 2 rounds of playoffs)

Team skate after final playoff game included

Banquet for players/team staff included

HDIC events included


7.       Deadline for Coaching applications? Not discussed


8.       School Flyer

·         Creation and distribution before the end of the school year

·         Use the same as last year? Or is it a waste of $300?

·         What about an incentive of mention the flyer and get entered into a draw for a $50 gift card?

Action Item: Margaret to get them printed at a more reasonable cost and distribute to the schools




9.       OMHA AGM Attendance (June 7+8):

·         Alex is going to attend and Greg Graham is going to look into the dates

·         Group hotel reservations required by May 7

·         Novice’s going to parade of Champions?  No


10.   Photographer and picture date?  Oct 19th Shooter Bob?  Yes this date works


11.   Thank you cards for Sponsors: printed at the same time as the flyers. Sample provided by Margaret; she will get 25 printed for Rick to distribute


12.   Optimist funds: $1000- they wanted it directed to a purpose like a LLML banner or goalie equipment for Tyke – yes this was agreed upon


13.   Santa Skate?  Did we have one in 2018-19?  *** no there was not.

·         No interest in it this year


14.   Final Team Skate

·         as most teams use these for parents vs kids and there are many uninsured participants I am going to recommend that instead we provide every team with the dollar amount an hours worth of ice would cost and they can book a time that is convenient for them.  Thoughts?      

·         Yes this was agreed upon. 


15.   PSMHA Incorporated discussion:

·         Joe has proposed the idea of the Association becoming Incorporated for the personal liability protection the Executive.  He will finalize the details and let the Executive know what to do for the next meeting.  Fees?  IS an AGM required with a vote?