January 2019 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Date: Jan 15, 2018 meeting 6:30 pm. St. Thomas Roadhouse

Attendees: Luke Cummings, Christy Hunking, Rick Lalonde, Scott Bate, Jean Devine, Ryan Adams, Alex Russell, Shane MacPherson, Craig Sim, Margaret Powell, Joe Hentz

Regrets: Jason Weiner, Kelly Savage

Parent Team Rep Reports:

-       Bantam1 – Undefeated in season, Silver at Silver Stick Championship this past weekend

-       Bantam2 - Good season so far, currently sitting 3rd

-       Is PSMHA planning to do some recognition for Disco Dave? Board to follow up.    

-       Inform Parent Reps / Teams about Broomball, the Banquet and the need for Volunteers


Hockey Moms

-       Banquet set for Friday April 5th at the Masonic hall – 5-9

-       Request for board support to cover player and coach dinners

-       Parents and siblings – Tickets $15, 5 years old and under free

-       Action Item : Need to organize Mini-stick net for Feb 9th

Approval of Past Minutes  - [1st:Jean/2nd:Scott]

Registrar Report - All registrations paid

Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League

Meeting in Strathroy Jan 8th

-          Team fees have been paid in full

-          Game Sheet

o   Make sure Trainer and Head coach are on all game sheets as they are legal documents

o   Make sure coaches are reviewing the game sheets it is their responsibility to know the penalties and any suspensions. It is not up to the Ref to communicate.

o   Still working on the invoice for this

-          Scores must be entered into OneDB as the direct link is not currently functioning

-          Discussion around Novice Pathway and Atom Pathway

o   Novice Pathway (8yr olds)– spring tryouts allowed, games would start Jan 2020 Full Ice, there could be REP at an Atom level depending on what Shamrock decides

o   Atom Pathway – tryouts 2 weeks after school starts

o   Tyke / Minor Novice (7yr olds) – name change to Minor Novice

o   IP (5-6)

-          March 30 – All Star Game in Point Edward. More details to come.

-          Playoff Rule – 2 GM and the player is ejected from the playoffs

-          Decision to do hats instead of medals for champions only this year. Last year was a single trophy.

-          Gate Fees. There have been comp

o   Complaints about Tyke paying $4 gate

o   Staying as is for this season

o   Potential motion at the AGM to do away with gate fees for 2020/21 – but would ideally need to line up with a Shamrock decision to do the same

NOMINATION : Sandra Graham for role of Director of Tournaments and Events.

MOTION CARRIED: Motion to accept the nomination of Sandra Graham for Director of Tournaments. Margaret / Alex. All in favour

Craig- Director of Equipment

o   Need to replace 21 Jersey

Ryan - Director of Development  [No Update]

Scott- Director of Coaching [No Update]

Rick- Director of Sponsorship

      -Sponsorship cheques received from Lionesses, Legion, Greenlane

      -Waiting for the Non for Profit number. Paper work has been filed on that.

      -Need to follow up with Lions and Optimist Club


Christy- Director of Fundraising [No Update]

Director of Tournaments and Events [No Update]

Joseph – Director of I/P

-          Two players have moved from Junior IP to Senior IP so that Junior IP can roster a team. They are both 2012 born players and should be on the Senior IP Team. The senior IP coach was agreeable.

-          Junior IP team needs a trainer in order to roster a team. Parent has volunteered but need to complete the training.

-          Suggestion to provide the information on the Respect in Sport when the parents register so that it’s completed before the player goes on the ice.

Alex- Treasurer

-          A couple teams haven’t reimbursed tournament fees yet

-          Boards have arrived

-          March and April have the broomball proceeds estimated, we will need to post the team sign up after the meeting.

Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative

-Playdowns have been scheduled

-Currently no host for the Allstar game

Other Items

-          Filling the Director of Tournaments and Events role – See above motion about Sandra

-          Build more volunteers. Other organizations ask parents to cut a $100 check if they work the required volunteer hours they rip up the cheque. 

-          Next steps for Signing privileges on cheques. Alex will take the minutes to the bank and have the reps go in to the bank to sign.

-          Follow up on Cheques

§  Cheque from Dodge for Novice LL – Alex has the cheque

§  Cheque for Ref Payment Nov / Dec – Signed at the meeting

-          OMHA Referee school – September 20-22 2019

o   Select candidate by June

o   Register by August 30th - $335

o   90 seats available

o   PSMHA to determine interest of players. At this point Mike Devine is interested.

-          Elgin Shared Boundary Status - No Update. Luke to meet with OMHA to discuss.


1.    Smart Serve for Broomball (Jean Devine to report)

Online training (34.95 + HST)

·         Online training with manual $44.95 plus HST

o   https://www.smartserve.ca/index.php/online-training/

·         Takes about 4 hours to complete but does not have to be done at the same time

·         Must be completed within 30 days

·         Must achieve 80% on quizzes and certification test

·         Computer requirements

·         A desktop or a laptop computer*

·         Stable internet connection 

·         Speakers

·         Working webcam (the webcam is used during the final exam only)

·         Up-to-date browser.** Be sure to configure the browser to allow for pop-ups (download) 

·         Adobe Reader 9 or higher (download)

·         Adobe Flash Player (download)

·         Our training is Flash based and will not work on mobile devices, including tablet computers.

·         Internet Explorer is no longer supported.


 In person training (50 / person – minimum 15)

·         $50 per person, includes tax and manual

o   Minimum of 15 participants

·         Preferred evenings, normal start time around 6pm

o   Normally takes 3-4 hours

o   Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays works best

o   Can schedule a Saturday if needed

o   Couple of weeks notices to schedule time

·         Trainer will bring all required materials and projector if needed

·         Certificates received 3-4 weeks from training session

·         Conducted by Employment Services Elgin

o   Marianne Fischtner

o   [email protected]

o   (519) 633-5200  ext 282

·         Rooms at St Thomas Roadhouse would work if we can get one or upstairs at rink


MOTION PASSED : Motion to schedule in person training to occur during the next executive meeting. 1st:Jean/2nd:Margaret. All in favour. Jean to schedule.


2.    Hockey Hall of Fame player award for Tyke and Atom. This has not been here. Action Item: Margaret to follow up.

3.    Review and update Disciplinary Policy – No Update

4.    Thank you cards for Sponsors  - No Update

5.    Broomball  - Cost is $600 / team

Action Items:

1.    Update web site with detail to sign up - Christy

2.    Insurance - Luke to forward details from last year

3.    License - Luke to forward details from last year

4.    Food à Craig to help organize

5.    Bar

6.    Refs

7.    Volunteers - 4 hours shifts, schedule shifts, reach out directly to teams

8.    Sticks

9.    Balls

10.  T-Shirts for Champions only. But we could sell them as well

11.  Hats? Possibly get them printed up and sell as fundraiser. à Margaret

12.  Schedule


MOTION PASSED : Motion to create Matt Moyes Award in Leadership. A $250 Bursary award to a graduating Midget player showing outstanding dedication and leadership in the PSMHA organization to be awarded at the board’s discretion. 1st:Luke/2nd:Alex. All in Favour.

Action Item: Plaque to be placed at the rink with names of winning players. Need to get pricing. Check the rink for the similar plaque.


Key Dates:




Jan 29 – Jan 31

LMLL Scheduling for 1st round Playoffs – scheduled by email

Feb 1st – Feb 25th

LMLL 1st Round Playoffs

Feb 9

Hockey day in Port

Feb 26 – 28

LMLL Scheduling for 2nd round Playoffs- scheduling by email

Feb 29 – March ?

LMLL 2nd Round of Playoffs

March 30

LMLL All Star game in Point Edward

April 19th

Last Ice

April 19th – 22th


April 5 – 5-9pm


Sept 20 - 22

Ref Course (Registration occurs in June)

Nov 15-17

2019 Atom Tournament