Aug 24,2021 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintAug 24,2021


Date:   Aug 24,2021 at the Back alley in St Thomas

Attendees:   Alex Russell, Isabelle Marchand, Greg Graham,  Margaret Powell,  Stephanie Haynes, Steve Van Duyhoven, Mark Vergeer, Amber Brooks,  Jeremy Rouse Mark Vergeer, Jeff Gillies, Rebecca Brown

Regrets: Jean Devine and Greg Graham

Motion to begin meeting: Alex and seconded by Jeremy  @  7:10  pm

Motion to End Meeting:  Alex  and seconded by   Jeremy  @  9:00pm

Registrar Report: Candice is on holiday – I have attached a summary as of 0700 Monday

We need to decide on our cut off for team viability (U15 and U18 Rep) and measures we take to try to make them viable (email LL parents, reach out to St T rep cuts – U18 they do not usually run an AE team). 


Topics of Discussion:

President- Alex Russell

PSMHA AGENDA  August 24, 2021

I’d like to get back in the habit of sending our reports in advance of the meeting;

It improves the quality of the reports (you think about what you want to say, rather than wing it)

It allows others to read reports when it is convenient and provides an opportunity to consider the information presented rather than seeing/hearing it for the 1st time at the meeting. 

It significantly reduces the length of the meetings (4-5 Hours down to 1.5-2)

It significantly reduces the administrative burden on Stephanie when she goes to prepare the minutes (only has to note the discussion)


I promise I won’t do an agenda this long for every meeting!    


President Update – Central Elgin has confirmed our protocols to start the season;

Pre-entrance screening similar to last season (

Masks mandatory for anyone not on the ice – for participants, mask goes off when helmet goes on, mask back on when helmet comes off. 

No Spitting

Bring your own water bottle – marked with your name – NO Sharing!

No outside food or drinks

2 parents/guardians per skater

Lobby can be used, subject to posted capacity

No Heat in the arena seating area

Showers are closed

Access to the dressing room 15 min prior to ice time and 15 after ice time.  Please leave promptly to allow the room to be cleaned prior to the next user. 

Maximum 30 skaters (including coaches) per ice time

Entrance is 1-way, exit out the sides like last year. 

Parents who help with skates can do so in the lobby area, not the dressing room.


Other – working on 3 versions of an ice schedule (Preseason, games, and full ice U9’s)

U5 1 Time/week (will be Sat sometime between 9-noon)

U7 2 Times/Week (will be Sat sometime between 9-noon and Sunday between 9-noon)

U9 will share initially, then go to full ice, need to schedule with that in mind.  Aim is skills, plus 2 ice times

U11, U13 – aim is 3 ice times/week (2 home, one away)

U15, U18 – aim is 2+ 90 min + ice times/week (email out to U18 coaches to choose Sun/Mon/Fr nights)



Special Events/Tournaments-TBD   Elect Rhenna Melnyk and Daniel Richards- Alex seconded by Steph All in favor


Q- Where does Beer Shed fit in?  Fundraising, Volunteer, or Event?  Need to determine go forward strategy and engage with Rob. 



Appointed positions to be selected:

Registrar – Currently Candice, willing to do it again if no-one else offers

Ice Scheduler – Pat is retired for real, will need to replace him

Game Day Operations – Lynn is no longer available, will need to replace her.   

Head Trainer – I forgot this one in our postings – key responsibility is to manage/report on serious injuries (usually concussions, but could also be COVID this year). 


Establish New Disciplinary Committee (min 3, ideally 5)

Chair is Alex, Jeremy, Jeff, Steph and Richard


Ice Schedule Discussion so we can provide direction to the Scheduler

Our Ice

Mon 5-10

Tues - None

Wed 5-730 – I am trying to bump the men to 8, to give us 3 practice times

Th 830-1030

Fr 5-10

Sa 7-4 and 5-630

Su 7-2 and 7-10

**After we firm up our teams and game schedule we can usually give back some 0700’s and 10pms slots


Discussion – Rep teams need to give the Shamrock scheduler ice times ASAP by sept 3

U13 rep prefers Sun 1145 ice time

U11 rep prefers Sat 12:30

U9 rep prefers Sat 11:10


Oct 31 is a Sunday, give up 7pm + ice or will U18’s use it? 

Tournament if we are running, need to set dates and block off the ice. 

Friday games with closer teams playing first will allow for more teams and a profit? 


Superbowl Sunday Feb 6 - give up ice 7-10pm


HDIC – Jan 29,2022 – ask for the ice all day or run as is?  With new format, should be easy to run games all day **make sure LL coaches book games this day (if 2 Port teams Vs each other is encouraged)


School Flyer

Creation and distribution for U7 and U5?  Will the schools even hand them out?  Do we use Can Post? 

Facebook post


Photographer and picture date?

Shooter Bob Oct 30? 


Santa Skate? 

When my kids were little Santa would come say hi and give the players a candy cane and Sailors official puck.  I think it cost about $200.  Last year we just did the candy cane and Santa skated, but did not see children 1-1. 


Final Team Skate – as most teams use these for parents vs kids and there are many uninsured participants I am going to recommend that instead we provide every team with the dollar amount an hours worth of ice would cost and they can book a time that is convenient for them.  Thoughts?  


Broomball discussion (not necessarily for this meeting, but I was on a roll, so I jotting things down)

General discussion – 1, 2, 3 tiers?  Referee’s and Score keepers

Kitchen – Revenue-expenses+returns = profit, staffing, menu, pricing

Bar – Revenue-expenses+returns+empties = profit, staffing menu, pricing

What do we need to buy? 

Confirm quantity of left-over supplies – Broomballs, Sticks, Red cups, Clear cups, Styrofoam cups

VP and Director of Local League- Isabelle Marchand

Director of Coaching- Joe Hentz

-Online application portal now open.  Have received some applications.  Need to make one last call for applications and recommend deadline to apply is AUG 27,2021 Updated on facebook

-Propose a 3 or 5 person coaches selection committee.

 Need 2 or 4 volunteers from the board:

Joe,  Steve, Isabelle and Jeremy

-need to confirm what teams we need for coaches

-Some coaches have identified some days which they have conflicts for practices. Where there is only one suitable coach for that age level, this should factor into ice allocation.

Group Email creation for Coaches ie [email protected]


Director of communication Stephanie Haynes

Nothing to report at this time


Director of Tournament and Events-

Rhenna and Daniel

Director of Development- Margaret Powell     

Please add a body checking clinic to skills (our players will need one if they plan on playing high school) and it would be a nice add.  U15+

Start skills Sept 20


Director of Sponsorship- Rick Lalonde

-start planning for the year.

Putting green lane letter together


Director of I/P- Jeff Gillies – needs to plan to train helpers for installation and removal of ½ ice boards

Treasurer - Jean Devine       No report to go over                                                                                                                

VP and Director of OMHA and Shamrock Representative- Steve Van Duyhoven 

  Shamrock Meeting

- Started with a request from GLHA Alliance requesting to play games in the Shamrock league.  Pretty good discussion but unanimously agreed that this isn't the year for it.  We played the Bandits and had issues with them not wanting to pay gate fee, very rough games, very disrespectful parent group.

- Coaches clinics should be posted soon but no date provided.

- AAA Permission to skate forms are not available, Dean says the 1st of September but posted on web Aug 23rd.

- Year end OMHA tournaments likely in Barrie or Windsor for Tier 1 and Tier 2.  Not confirmed for Tier 3 yet.  Tier 1 tournament is likely to be April 1,2,3, and the Tier 2 and Tier 3 the following weekend.

- It was decided that DD centers will stay in Tier 3 with AE teams from centers <B unless they request to move up. 

- U9 will play a similar season to the Shamrock run season from 2 years ago.  4 Half ice development games + 10 half ice regular season games (no score or standings) + 12 full ice games 5v5 starting January 15th and a host for the year end tournament will need to be decided.

- U11 Follows the Atom Pathway so  no real change since most teams are following it for this year.  Starts a week later than allowed by older age groups.

- Regular season will start October 11th and play until Feb 18 (28 games), the teams will break up into divisions within their Tier and play a round robin ending March 5 to determine who will continue to play for a spot to represent Shamrock at the OMHA year end tournaments and the remaining teams will play in the Shamrock playoffs.

 *Shamrock scheduler requires team numbers and home ice times by Sept 3


Director of Equipment – Mark Vergeer 

Mark did a remarkable clean-up this past weekend.    

Summary of what we need and plan to procure;

Tim Bit Jersey’s

McAtom Jersey’s

Jersey’s missing to complete sets

Jersey’s that need to be washed

Trainer kits

Trainer Supplies


Water bottle holders

Other supplies (Plastic defenders)  


Motion to have $500 for trainer kits: Alex Seconded by Jeremy   All in favour


Director of Fundraising- Amber Brooks     

Looking into Carmichaels as well as Herm’s hat fundraiser

Director of volunteering- Becky Brown

start planning for the year

Director at Large-  Jeremy Rouse

Nothing to report

Director at Large-  Greg Graham


Important Dates



Next meeting


Sept 21, 2021 at 7:00

Back alley in St thomas