September 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintSeptember 2019 Minutes


Date: Sept 17, 2019. St. Thomas Roadhouse – 6:30pm

Attendees: Kelly Savage, Alex Russell, Joe Hentz, Scott Bate, Ryan Adams, Shane MacPherson, Jean Devine, Margaret Powell, Shelley Boyes, Greg Graham

Regrets: Janet Wilson, Rick Lalonde, Craig Sim, 

Motion to start the meeting: Kelly, seconded by Alex: 6:40

Motion to Approve August minutes by Shane and seconded by Margaret 

Registrar Report:

Most registrations are paid- only 4 or 5 outstanding, but arrangements have been made for all of these.

Still awaiting the atom AE team posting - currently no atom prospects at this time.  St Thomas website says it will post tonight, hopefully we will know by tomorrows meeting if anyone is transferring here.  I wonder if they will add a second AE team. As of meeting time 2 spots were still open

Pee wee LL we have had 3 transfers and one is deciding if they are coming here or not- said they would tell me by today.

One midget came from St Thomas and replaced a player who decided not to play hockey this season.

We have had one bantam inquiry - but they will not come if they have to play on the black team- as they have friends on the red team and need to car pool - they are now on the waiting list.  Black team has less skaters to try and keep together preseason requests to play with friends.  However, there has been many complaints on the division of the teams at this level from parents - but not from the coaches.  

Pre-novice fees:  I have had some complaints about how high the pre-novice fees are ($850).  Schedule only lists one ice time a week - It would be great if there was some clarification online about what each level can expect for ice-time.  It would save me a ton of emails, I do not know exactly what the pre-novice group can expect this season.  I was thinking it they play novice then yes fee is same as novice.  If they have ice time that is in between IP and novice maybe it can be $600?  Just some thoughts.

Motion: “to reduce the registration fees from $850 to $500 for the Pre-Novice age players.” Submitted by Joe and seconded by Shane, all in favour – passed. 

Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League

Rostering - For 19/20 Season

  • No LL needs to declare a goalie. 19 players can dress–17 skaters for each game + 2 Goalies

  • Midget HL or LL can have up to 25 players on the roster


  • Rowan’s law – Review the Material at the team meeting

  • Gender Neutral – Need to review again this year 

Action item- Christy to pull the lists for the next meeting for individual teams to match up with registration lists 

Travel Permits

  • Need to give OMHA enough notice on exhibition games

  • No Tournament travel permits will be approved without and OMHA approved roster

  • Tim Ross – Conveyor for Port – point of follow up on rosters

Regional Championship for LMLL (19/20 Season) – Region 1A and Region 1B will be included in the Pilot

  • Pilot championship that includes: 4 Counties, Essex and LMLL 

  • Finalizing the Format – committee is being formed

  • Top 2 from each league are involved in the Championship

  • Head Coach and Trainer are still mandatory on the Game sheet

  • If emergency – you can use the other team’s trainer if they agree, just make sure it’s noted in the notes on the game sheet

LMLL Number of teams


Number of Teams














  • If you need to add a team, we need to tell Joe A as soon as possible


  • Only Major Novice LL can AP to Novice Rep

  • Minor Novice can Level up to Major Novice

  • Major Novice can AP to Atom as of Jan 15th

  • Head coach requires Head Coach Level 1

  • Use refs as much as possible 

  • Major Novice coach would like 12 players and has asked any Minor Novice kids to move up if they would like.  

  • Until Jan 15 – use the Participation List, after Jan 15th they will use Gamesheet

Gate Fees

  • Reps should go back to their centers and determine the financial impact of ending gate fees

  • Don would meet with Shamrock to discuss their opinion on gate fees

  • Gate fees for Minor Novice and above will be the same as Shamrock

Game Day

  • Lots of interest this year in the game day crew currently have 10 or so interested

  • Lynn will be the main point of contact and is working on the schedule

  • Follow up on Game Day locker

  • Regular league gate passes – to be sold at the parent meeting and will be available at gate

  • Waiting on Gamesheet IDs, we will likely need to do some on paper

General Items

  • Port has permission to have LL at a level that we didn’t have a rep team for Peewee and above. 

  • Need 70 * # of teams for Minor Novice and above.

  • 5 Goalies at Atom

    • 5th goalie had an issue while registering. We let them skate but didn’t promise anything

    • One goalie had advised that they will not play LL if they don’t make rep 

    • St Thomas, Aylmer and Belmont have communicated they may need a LL goalie at Atom 

  • Do we have interest in Midget / Juvenile level of play – Midget Age + 2 years. This would help other center field a team if they don’t have enough midget age kids.

  • Suspension for Port Coach – he will have to serve it as the Novice LL Head Coach as that is the role where he incurred the suspension.

Craig- Director of Coaching:

Shelley- Director of Tournament and Events:

Ryan - Director of Development:

  • Mark Ellis reported that skills went well and the players and coaches all seemed attentive. 

Rick- Director of Sponsorship:

  • Green lane letter was submitted and meeting was moved from sept 17th to October 1st

  • Sponsorship letters are being sent to various business past sponsors and potential.  Nothing new on this at this time. 

  • Shedden tractor pull bars will go on Bantam red jerseys. 

Joe – Director of I/P-

Jean – Treasurer Report: see attached reports

  • We will be charging $4 for all games.

  • After another few calls with Libro, we have the situation fixed and controls in place for next year so this does not happen again.  Thanks to everyone for their patience


This year the board is going to assist team fundraising by supporting an association wide Carmichael purchase. This has been very successful in the past and we hope this will help cover the cost of some of the events teams like to participate in(tournaments, year-end parties, team building events). Information regarding the fundraiser are below:

·         Items are sold for $10

o   $7 covers the cost of the item

o   $3 is kept for team use 

·         Submission dates are Oct 16th and Dec 4th

o   Only submit the Tally Sheet with your order to [email protected]

o   Funds for the purchase must be etransfered to [email protected]

§  Cash and cheque will not be accepted

§  Confirmation of what needs to be paid will be provided by the board

o   Late submissions will not be accepted

·         Delivery of the items will be 1-2 weeks after the order has been placed

·         A representative from each team will need to meet at the arena to pick up the purchase when it comes in

Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

  • Novice players can AP to Atom but not until after Jan 15th

  • Shamrock will charge gate fees for the 2019-2020 season

Greg- Director of Equipment:

Trainers kits

I have stocked our trainers kit to the requirements for hockey Canada.  With this being said anytime you use something please let me know so we can restock ASAP.  Also, these trainer’s kits are for medical supplies and need to remain clean inside.  They have all been cleaned.  Please verify that your spare neck guard is proper size for your team.

The lockers are to remain locked at all times.  It is not acceptable to right down your combo on the front of the locker.  Do not leave food inside the lockers as we do not want mice in our room.  

Goalie Equipment
If any coaches require equipment for kids this week please let me know ASAP. The coaches will be responsible for making sure all equipment is returned at the end of the season.

All jersey’s are to be returned washed at the end of the season.  Please have them washed periodically through out the season. I will be providing each coach with a jersey list for their team.  It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure all jerseys on their list are returned.  Jerseys are not to be worn for practices and they are not to be put in players bags.  If any damage happens to the jerseys please let me know ASAP.

Door code- This code is for coaching staff only and not to be given out to everyone kids/ players ARE NOT PERMITTED inside the equipment room unattended. Also game jerseys are not to be worn for practice.

Socks for sale We have a bunch of new but old style socks to sell.  I will attach pictures.  The white and black socks with the psmha logo will be $10 per pair and the old style woven socks will be $5 per pair.  

We have as follows:


5 white lg

4 white med

2 white XL

2 black XL

4 black L

Woven adult 28”

4 blackw/ red white stripe

7 white w/ black red stripes

Adult 28”

Woven small solid black

16 pairs


  1. Rule Clarification - if teams have players/parents who are not enrolled in minor hockey they are not covered by our insurance and cannot be on ice that PSMHA pays for. 

  • We will need a motion to give each team 159.65 (141.28 +HST) or 319.30 to pay for an hour or 2 themselves.  DISCUSS AGAIN IN JANUARY

  1. Janet has requested clarification of the drug and alcohol policy:

  • Level 3 Offence:  Drugs/Alcohol: Any player while at a PSMHA sponsored event if found with drugs and/or alcohol on his/her possession or is under the influence of a drug or alcohol Theft: Any player proven to have engaged in thievery at a PSMHA sponsored activity or venue.  Vandalism or other illegal misbehavior: Any player proven to have engaged in vandalism or other illegal misbehavior at a PSMHA sponsored activity or venue

  • Level 3 Offence is a (additional) 2 + weeks and removed immediately from the ice

Important Dates:

September 23

Spirit Wear/mouthguard clinic at the arena

September 24

LMLL coaches scheduling meeting – (date range Oct 1-Dec 1)

Atom coaches 6:30pm-7:15pm,

Peewee/Bantam/Midget 7:15pm-9:00pm

October 8

LLML meeting: Novice coaches will also be arriving to schedule their games (date range Oct 23-Jan14)

October 23

Minor Novice season begins (ends Mar 11)

October 25-26th

Team photographs

November 1-3

Port Stanley Memorial Atom LL Tournament

December 3

LMLL Scheduling meeting (Dec 4- Jan 25)

January 15

Novice full ice implementation

January 28

LMLL Playoff Round 1 (Jan 29-Feb 23)

February 9

Hockey Day in Canada

February 25

LLML Playoff round 2 (Feb 26 -Mar 31)

Motion to end the meeting Kelly, seconded by Margaret. All in favour 8:40pm