March 2019 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Date: Mar 19th meeting 6:30 pm. St. Thomas Roadhouse

Attendees: Luke Cummings, Craig Sims, Margaret Powell, Christy Hunking, Scott Bates, Ryan Adams, Alex Russell, Rick Lalonde

Regrets:  Joe Hentz, Shane MacPherson, Kelly Savage, Jason Weiner

Parent Team Rep Reports

-          No Parent Reps attended

Hockey Moms

-          Sandra Graham in attendance

-          Hockey Moms are requesting assistance with the Yearend Banquet, request is under review

-          Brent Lale is scheduled to MC or MC with discussion, if Brent is not available Kathleen Todd will MC

-          Every team coach will have 3 minutes to speak about the season

o   Metals and awards will be available but will be handed out at the table/after the discussion

-          Matt Moyes Memorial Award will be presented at the banquet

o   Craig Sims will procure

-          Attempts will be made to have prizes

o   Luke to reach out to Mike Ellis and Jason Clark for donations

Approval of Past Minutes- January minutes attached

-          1st Margaret, 2nd Christy

Registrar Report:

Registration comes online towards the end of March and I need to know what the costs will be for next season for each division so I can update the HCR registration. URGENT


The new age groups will be:

Preschool:  4 years and under 2015+

Initiation:  5&6 year olds 2014-2013

Pre-Novice: 7 year olds 2012

Novice: 8 year olds 2011

Atom: 9-10 year olds 2010-2009

Peewee: 11-12 year olds 2008-2007

Bantam: 13-14 year olds 2006-2005

Midget: 15-17 year olds 2004-2002


Preschool is one day a week

Pre-Novice is the new hockey CANADA name for tyke


The registration page will need to be updated on the website to reflect these changes in the age groups and I think that more Information on the programming for each level needs to be on the website.  Some other associations have more detailed information we may want to get some ideas from their websites (Lambeth OR St. Thomas). Specifically, mandatory birth certificate submitted for all new registrants and Respect In Sport course for all new parents to able to be on the roster and play games.  This always seems to be an issue every season


Other than, no ap fees were charged to any players this season.  Should AP fees be eliminated?  I know they were waived last season

-          It was decided that registration would be as follows:

o   Preschool                                            $300

o   Initiation                                             $500

o   Pre-Novice to Midget                    $850

Congrats to the Novice Rep team for winning OMHAs!

Congrats to the Novice LL team for winning their division!


Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League


-          No update on fees for Game Sheet application

o   Estimated cost will be $2 per game

o   $2x178 = $356

-          Amendments to Standard of Play 

o   For all Local League play

o   This included notes regarding how penalties would be managed and outcome to players

o   Further details will be provided

-          Also discussion to remove gate fees from all local league programming

o   To be reviewed at AGM

o   PSMHA to review impact after LL AGM

-          Hats given out to champions


-          Are we doing awards? Or recognition for teams that won the championships?

o   Hockey moms are handling this

-          What about the bursary for Midget player?

o   Craig is ordering a plaque

o   $250 will be provided to winner of the award

o   Midget coaches to determine recipient

Text Box: MOTION PASSED: Motion to modify Matt Moyes Memorial Award to be ‘In recognition of outstanding dedication & leadership within Port Stanley Minor Hockey. 1st Luke, 2nd Craig, All in favour.

Craig- Director of Equipment

-          Application has been made to obtain Atom Jerseys from McDonalds

-          Estimated response time 4-6 weeks

Ryan - Director of Development

-          Nothing new to report

-          Development sessions scheduled in August

Scott- Director of Coaching

-          Feedback is up on the website

-          All positive so far

Rick- Director of Sponsorship

1. I have a cheque for $500.00, $247.62 of which will go to the outstanding amount of the tyke nets. 


They have asked that the remaining $252.38 be put towards equipment possibly tyke goalie gear )


2.  If you recall Elgin-St. Thomas community Fund approved $500.00 of the $1200.00 I requested.  However, due to us not having charitable status I have to apply to a third party organization called True Sport I have submitted the grant application to True Sport. If approved the $500.00 minus a small percentage will flow through to PSMHA.

-          New, Application was declined but offer to review request. Rick to review and resubmit


3.  I have now picked up the sponsorship bars for Shedden tractor pull. Due to these taking longer that anticipated and with the end of season approaching it was discussed with Brain Rieger that these will now go on one of the Bantam teams for next season.  Further I’m awaiting a Shedden tractor pull logo to place on our website. Once I receive it, I will put it on.


4.  Optimist donation.  As Margaret mentioned in her email dated Feb 11th The Optimists have donated $500.00 and if we help sell chocolate bars they have another $500.00.  The table at the broom ball tournament is a good idea and I have a few kids in mind for this.

-          Potential use of these funds is for Local League Campion banner

-          Show was sponsored by the Optimist Club


Christy- Director of Fundraising:

-          Nothing to report

Joseph – Director of I/P-

-          Not present, nothing to report

Alex- Treasurer: see report

-          Report to be made available after meeting

-          Positive funds available

Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

-          Not present, nothing to report



1.       Tyke Red team has scheduled two ice times and requested if some of the donated money could be used to cover the cost. It was decided that this must be covered by the team.


2.       Elgin County Shared Boundary Initiative- motion ““To pursue the Elgin County Shared Boundary initiative and appoint two board representatives to that committee. Those representatives will then report back to the PSMHA board at subsequent meetings for review.”

This was put forth by Scott and seconded by Joe. All in favour and carried. 


The two members from the PSMHA board that will act as representatives put forth by Alex and voted upon are Shane MacPherson and Joe Hentz. 

Update – Meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 21 with representatives from Port Stanley, St. Thomas and West Lorne. Intent will be to set up agreement in principle which will include items previously discussed by PSMHA board.  This agreement will be brought back to the board for review and discussion. Then required board, OMHA and Shamrock approve.  Intent is to support rep program in West Lorne/Port Stanley if sufficient interest.


3.       Nominees for Referee School are as follows: Mike Devine, Logan Wilson, Diago Silva

o   Are there any other players interested?


4.       Smart Serve Updates: all attendees passed!!!!

o   Cards were handed out, Jean has remaining cards


5.       Optimist $ - What about a Stanley cup like St Thomas has – for any championship done at Port.

Port Stanley cup – Trophy to have at the rink for when teams win a Championship at the Arena.


6.       Investigating getting rid of Home Gate. LMLL may propose to get rid of the gate fees so I did some quick math to   see what the mean to registration fees Some parents have also requested that we include the gate in the registration.

o   Estimated Gate collect                   $23950

o   Gate Costs (crew + ref mileage)                                $11500

For Port that could be = $23950/201 (#of Players) would be an increase of $119 in Registration fees per player.  That would be the same as 39 home gate fees – which is more than any teams number of home games. Perhaps the increase is scaled as we want to keep the Tyke / IP registration down.

7.       What is the communication plan for the Shared Boundary?

o   Once meeting is complete on March 21, information will be shared. Board will look to meet in order to be prepared for potential questions for the AGM scheduled in April.


8.       What are the open positions on the board for next year?  Can we try to encourage some people so we aren’t just throwing people in positions?

o   All positions are available with the exception of Director of Development, Director of Sponsorship, and Director of Local League


9.       Coaches – heads up on when clinics are available

o   Challenge is in previous years, not enough qualified applicants, if we can provide notification of training may increase pool of applicants


10.   Coach evals – what happens to that feedback? Who sees it?

o   Feedback function is enabled on website

o   Noted all feedback positive so far


11.   Jason Weiner has been unresponsive to requests to attend board meetings and request to identify intent to maintain seat on the board

o   Based on attendance, will be removed from the board

o   Christy to remove contact information from the website


12.   OMHA Meeting is scheduled for June 7 & 8

o   Is there any interest from the board members in attending

o   See Alex if you are


13.   All Star game is scheduled for March 30

o   Jerseys cost $30

o   PSMHA to cover cost


14.   Need to review what will memorial will be completed for Disco Dave

o   Outstanding


Bar – do we have a list of who has smart serve?  Yes, Jean and Kelly have the list as well as volunteers. 

o   Schedule to be prepared for volunteers for all areas

o   Sharon Cummings and Debbie are prepared to man the drink ticket table

Liquor licence done by Jean. THANK YOU

Bar Stock: Budweiser, Bud Light, another beer?  Rum, Vodka, Rye.  Palm Bay?  Smirnoff?  Who wants to order? 

o   Luke will order, Jean can pay for

o   Must be ordered two weeks in advance

o   Scott will assist in pickup and delivery to the arena

Food Suggestion:

Pulled pork on buns

Back Bacon on a bun with egg 


Little bags of chips


Cans of Pop? 

Juice boxes for the little kids 





Paper plates

Red Solo Cups – we have sufficient cups at the arean

Small 6oz cups

Cranberry juice

Bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, Gingerale

Healthy Option (Veggies and Dip)

Jean and Kelly are going to look after the supplies like cups, plates, napkins and food items for booth.  Anyone can help.  **Finalized list to be determined

Notes – Foodland will set up an account if we call in advance. If items go on sale they will set aside for us.  Suggest we use them for as much as possible given their continued support of PSMHA

Insurance: Margaret has application and information need, will submit.

Refs:  have they been confirmed?  Dave Charter 519-532-1563 Approx 1250-1500 depending on the number of games (15 x2 each)

o   Luke to manage this

Equipment: balls, sticks and pinny’s from Scott Kennedy.

Shirts for winning teams:  Discussed a long sleeve shirt with our logo on the front chest and team names on the back with Herm’s.  I gave them a budget of $20.  He said it will be a little better quality than last year, but we are only giving to the champs so that cuts down to 20 = $400 plus tax and set-up fee. 

o   Suggested ordering extra to sell


Friday 9am to 12am

Saturday 9am to 12am

Sunday 9am to 5pm


Volunteer Stations:

Registration Table – will also sell Optimist Chocolates. 1-2 people, Alex to be there Friday am

Kitchen – 3-4 people

Drink Tickets – Sharon & Debbie or 1-2 people

Bar – 2 people until 2pm, 3 people thereafter

Timekeeper – 1 person, teens have volunteered












March 30

LMLL All Star game in Point Edward

April 19th

Last Ice

April 19th – 22th


April 5 – 5-9pm


Sept 20 - 22

Ref Course (Registration occurs in June)

Nov 15-17

2019 Atom Tournament