November 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintNovember 2019 Minutes


Date: Nov 19, 2019. St. Thomas Roadhouse – 6:30pm

Approval of Past Minutes: motion to accept October minutes by Alex Russell, seconded by Jean Devine, all in favour

Attendees: Scott Bate, Shelley Boyes, Jean Devin, Janet Wilson, Margaret Powell, Alex Russell, Kelly Savage, Greg Graham, Ryan Adams, Rick Lalonde

Regrets: Joe Hentz, Craig Sim

Special guest: Hunter Dennis from Midget black team:

The team has taken it upon themselves to get new hockey jersey’s as a memento as well as their jerseys were old and some didn’t fit all sizes of kids.  They were bought through Perani’s Hockey World for a discounted price because Hunter works there. $120 for both home and away, name and # and stop sign for no body contact, no #99 or 69, approx. 6 week lead time, all paid by players and the logos all match our association logos.  Designed by Hunter himself!  

Registrar Report:

All registrations are fully paid

43 non-returning players from last year (5 to AAA)  one NRP to St Thomas, goalie to Belmont, goalie to Strathroy, 8 to St Thomas, 1 to Lambeth in all age groups from midget to Initiation- some no longer playing, others not sure.

210 total players in PSMHA this season

Total registrants per age group:

2002 -18















All AP player submission must be submitted by Jan 7th at the latest so that they can be submitted to OMHA for Jan 15th

Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League


-Scheduling meeting Dec 3

Atom LL 

  • -Major turmoil from the Atom LL additional team add. 

  • -OMHA contacted me after we had done the last restructure as more parents had gone directly to them. They were concerned that the new team didn’t have the skill. 

    • Evidence shows that the teams are relatively level – The new team won the tournament, and it was a 1-1 tie when the two teams played each other in league play.

  • -New team should try to use some Aps to fill out the team, we need to communicate this to the coach. They only have 9 players as one player quit.

  • 16 minutes body contact – several players are close to this accumulation penalty which results in a 3 game suspension. We will likely want to raise something at the LMLL AGM that this rule should be amended.


  • Decision made to not run Time or Gate for any IP games going forward. If they need to know how to work the clock, we can provide some training to a parent.

  • Collected: Oct $1457, Nov $1097

Craig- Director of Coaching:

Shelley- Director of Tournament and Events:


  • Put the tournament on the OMHA Site- with name change to Memorial Tournament 

  • Book Refs

  • Schedule Time Keepers

  • Print tournament permit and have it visible at the tournament

  • Review OMHA Tournament Hosting package 

  • US Teams – There is an additional cost for this, remind them of the mouth guard and neck guard requirements.

  • After tournament send all Rosters, Travel Permits and Game sheets to the OMHA regional director

  • Programs

  • Social Media – should blast a specific thank you to our sponsors of our tournament, or follow up with thank you cards to anyone new. 

  • Positive feedback on the tournament rules

  • Hotel booking

  • Electronic game sheets – This was around $126.50.  

    • If the decision is to use electronic gamesheets for the tournament: 

    • Contact Gamesheet to set up Tournament

    • Send Players Names and Numbers and Coaches names to Gamesheet so they can create the teams

    • Be specific about the team name ie. LL1, LL2, Blue – they assumed on a bunch of teams and got those wrong and caused rework.

    • Print off / Download and send all gamesheets to OMHA

  • Partnership with Jr C- Alex is having meeting with JrC director to see what the association can do to support this and how they can support us

  • Hockey Day in Canada – Feb 9th 

  • Broomball

Ryan – Director of Development:

  • Mark from PHD would like to try for 4 sessions next year with less players (25-30 players) and 45 minutes max time slots. 

  • Only 1 goalie has taken advantage of the development money

Rick- Director of Sponsorship:

  • Still waiting for 4 sponsor bars for jerseys

  • Confirmed $20, 000 donation from Greenlane

    • Money towards Shooter Tutor 2887.40 USD

    • Bumpers $1370

Joe – Director of I/P

  • Compliments on how well the program is run and organized by many parents

Jean – Treasurer Report: see attached reports

OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

  • As we are looking for a Shamrock rep, the league is also looking for a new treasurer…They are also short a VP and mentioned that a partial year where most of the big items are already completed/planned is a great time to join!

  • If a player receives a penalty with the code MP, that player is suspended from everything and you are to contact your local Shamrock rep to determine next steps.  Any other suspension is to be served during your upcoming league games.  You can play in any/all tournaments.  

  • Ilderton rep has a goalie injury.  They are looking for a bantam age rep goalie or Midget age LMLL goalie to AP or transfer.  Glen was short of details as Aping from another centre is something the OMHA board will have to review.  However as the injury will keep the player out for a minimum of 6 weeks he thinks they will agree to get creative.  I don’t see how we could assist with only 1 goalie per team.    

  • Rosters should all be firmed up ASAP– including AP players Novice age can AP to Atom after Jan 16

  • OMHA would like to see some additional A centres be created and they discussed a hybrid that sounded very much like what we had discussed with WL and St T.  Center 1, 2 and/or 3 come together to make an new A level centre, the current centres keep their LL/HL programming and contribute 3 board members to the new association.  The vision was an A centre first, but if they were not large enough instead of Major and Minor, they would have A and CC or something like that.  This would be a pilot for 2020.  Time is tight, but they have the legal framework completed and you would just need to insert your association names. Ideally, they will have enough interest to form a 6 team A loop within the existing Shamrock teams.  

  • 2021-22 is the next full category review year for all OMHA centres.  

  • Novice 8 game full ice programming;

    • All teams could be scheduled to play any other team The league will send out a cheat sheet with ice times, blackout dates, team contacts… -I have already spoken to Kevin and submitted ours Ideally the schedule will be made by the league – if they can do it without conflicts.  If conflicts, it will kick back to the coaches/ice schedulers.  

 Novice Playoff Tournament in Lambeth

  • Teams will be seeded A or B as per the results of the 8 games that are played.  

  • Teams in B can request to go up to A if they think their 8 games were not representative, cannot request to move down.  

  • There will be a gym with fun things in it, lunch for the players/coaches.

  • Cost is TBD depending on team responses, but they are thinking 450-500max.

  • Last weekend in March 27-29 (if many teams, may need Friday daytime games)

  • Prizes to be provided to finalists by OMHA

Alex put forth a motion for the association to pay the cost for the Novice Rep and Novice LL to enter their playoff tournaments, seconded by Margaret and voted all in favour.

  • Notice going out shortly – team names will be changing from Novice, atom, peewee…to U9, U11, U13…

  • OMHA has raised the potential removal of Novice rep for next year.  

  • Generally a quiet meeting – they said this was typical, the ones in Sept/Oct are longer and more work.  

Greg- Director of Equipment: purchased some more small and medium socks 


  1. Midget team White has asked that instead of using the money for the year end ice, that money be used for team fees- NO

  2. Midget team Black has asked that they purchase their own jersey (as a team memento)  Hunter Dennis presentation

  3. FAIR PLAY POLICY: Jean to gather notes and review our current rules and regulations on what this means to the association. 

Important Dates:

December 3

LMLL Scheduling meeting (Dec 4- Jan 25)

January 15

Novice full ice implementation

January 28

LMLL Playoff Round 1 (Jan 29-Feb 23)

February 9

Hockey Day in Canada

February 25

LLML Playoff round 2 (Feb 26 -Mar 31)

Mar 27-29

Novice rep & LL playoff tournaments

April 10-12 2020


Motion to end the meeting- Kelly and seconded by Alex: 8:20pm