February 2018 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Feb 20, 2018 meeting 6:30 pm. Port Stanley Legion

Scott, Ryan, Bob, Kevin, Luke, Craig, Heather, Shane, Karen, Candice, Christie, Late Alex, and Rob

Parent Team Rep Reports

PEEWEE 1- TODD -Playoff series vs. Lambeth -2 wins and a loss.  Buffalo tournament was a neat experience.  Ajax tournament coming up.  (Team owes $20 out of province tournament fee).  Volunteers needed for the broomball tournaments.  High school hours should be available-time keeping. 

IP REPORT- KEVIN-fun day tournament 4 games in Glencoe another March 24th in Simcoe, otherwise exhibition game, competitive and having fun.

NOVICE REP –Scott -10-1-1 16 game round robin.  Guaranteed to go to round two. 

NOVICE LL – Shane- in Ilderton playing right now. Game 2 of series in B or C division.  Doing well.  Lost in the final in a tournament a few weeks ago.

ATOM 2 LL-Shane- Lost and a Tie in playoffs, finished first in pool after reg season.

PEEWEE 2-LL – Candice -Lost 2 in playoffs with Dorchester and Strathroy.  In a tournament in Tilsonburg in March. Kids are having fun.

BANTAM 1 LL- Craig-first game of playoffs- no jerseys-beat them 4-1 they come here Friday, round robin with Belmont.  Tournament in AJAX

BANTAM 2 LL –CHRISTIE- Won versus Lucan in first series.  Tournament in Tillsonburg

MIDGET 1 LL – Karen – Won first game versus Thamesford, lost second game.  Suspension in our last game.

MIDGET 2 LL – Christy- Game 5 is in a series with Dorchester, tournament in Simcoe.  Alvinston league game at the end of the season referee issues, headlock to kids, comparing them to women teams- fighting with kids, some has been videotaped.  3 game suspension for one kid.

Approval of Past Minutes- Motion to approve minutes- Christy --Second by Luke   All in favour.

OMHA/Shamrock Report –Luke - No one went to meeting for Luke who was working.  It was a scheduling meeting-nothing scheduled as novice needs to wait until round robin play is finished. 

Reached out to Craig Lane for clarification for policies and procedures 3.1

LMLL Report – Bob Next meeting is March 6th – scheduling meeting for next round for coaches

Inconsistent ice times for centers. No curfew if flood is provided.  PSMHA has been fined for not attending the last two LL meetings.

IP Program Report- Kevin -nothing new to report

Financial Report- Alex –see report provided

Registration Report-Candice –nothing to report

Coaching Report- Scott – nothing to report

Equipment Report-Craig –Companies contact regarding new jerseys and socks.  Is working with McDonalds MC Atomic- at our expense our logo on front, one set and a pair of socks – 16 per team.  Found the magnets they were in cardboard.  Pucks are disappearing- coaches are to be reminded to put them away.

Program Development-Rob –March 9, 16, 23 and one Monday for goalie skills.  –Ice time is unavailable before March.  Funds are low.  Motion Scott and second by Alex  To cancel this planned goalie development because of lack of ice time and funds.  All in favour except one who abstained.

Fundraising Report-Christy –hat idea emailed for next year

Sponsorship Report- position still vacant

Special Events/Tournaments-Heather nothing to report.

Preservation of PSMHA committee report -Survey results and questions submitted some from every team.  46 wanted to leave things as they are and 32 wanted to change to a LL only center.  Responses created for review.  Now what?  AGM??  Rob says Aylmer and Belmont would be interested in an amalgamation with us –but-not interested in an amalgamation involving St Thomas.  Says they would provide something in writing.  Nothing received-he will follow up with this.

If go LL then will lose shared areas, would have to reapply to if wanted to go to rep.  Likely will not get rep again in the center.

Having success with development of kids, make us more attractive for people to stay to play in hockey in Port.

Don’t feel there will be an atom rep team next season-atom rep had to drop to LL and in 2nd tier and still not dominating.


Missing Shedden Tractor Pull Cheque –records were reviewed and it was determined that the cheque was cashed back in October 2017.

Rep Hockey Debate- Survey Update –see above

Rules and Regulations Update –review and send any corrections/suggestions by email.

AGM – April 17th, 2018, AGM – any motion needs to be submitted by March 10th, 2018 before midnight in writing/email to secretary PSMHA.  (Karen to book PSMHA arena room upstairs – Matt to be notified to post date and open for motions)

Motions need to be posted –post on website- as to motions open 30 days before.

Voting card given to eligible member at AGM

BROOMBALL –registration is up on the website – 1 team registered and not paid

Liquor -Need someone in charge of alcohol – Railway City wants information provides the license- only provide beer-last year we paid for beer and made the profits.  Craft beer?  Young crowd not usually craft beer.  Whisky, beer and Palm Bay would be best

Glanworth Men’s Fastball team- would do what we want-does something similar to this in Belmont.  They all have smart serve-if we have volunteers with serving negotiate our cut of the profits.  Luke will discuss with them what they will do. 

Volunteer coordinator- timekeeper, registration table (handing out sticks-hand in licence/keys), score board- Shane volunteered.

Ref Coordinator – Rob volunteered-Dave Charter will provide refs

Equipment Coordinator-no balls needed-need sticks- projector is with speakers where balls are-need a Rogers’s box-Craig volunteered

Game Sheets Alex printed off

Schedule -Candice volunteered to make Bristol board for schedule and markers for schedule and results.  Doug will make the schedule for us and provide us the master list.

Ice Rental- Karen to book

Food –Papa Joes says cost was 3 pizzas per team $576 dollars $8 per pizza think we should only give 2 pizzas per team.  Is he going to give a kick back?  If no kick-back Heather would volunteer to run the booth upstairs with her mom and volunteers. Jean Devine said she would help. 

Sponsors- a lot of work to organize –none being pursued at this time.

Winner-Prize Past year was long sleeve t-shirt, can be anything we want it to be t-shirts-Herms 5-$25 -our logo and broomball 2018 champions

Contact coaches-team managers, asking for volunteers to help with broomball tournament –kitchen and time keeper, registration/scoreboard table, and Smart serve volunteers for bar.

Waiver needs to be signed by all players-age requirement?-ask Doug what has been done in the past.

Broomball Meeting March 8th Thursday- 7:00pm at legion.



Scheduling times up until March posted.  Times available Saturday and Sunday morning

March 10 last day for SR IP and JR IP.  After eliminated from playoffs receive only next ice time posted.


Motion to end meeting Shane second Scott all in favour.