September 2018 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintSeptember 2018
Date: September 18, 2018 meeting 6:30 pm. St. Thomas Roadhouse
Attendees: Luke Cummings, Shane MacPherson, Scott Bate, Ryan Adams, Jason Weiner, Rick Lalonde,
Craig Simms, Heather Payne, Alex Russell, Christy Hunkings, Margaret Powell, Kelly Savage, Jean Devine,
Joe Hentz
Approval of Past Minutes –
Margaret and seconded by Jean, all in favour. Carried.
Registration Numbers:
Atom 26 + 6 goalies
Bantam 30 + 2 goalies
Juvenile 9 players
Midget 34 and 3 goalies
Novice 23 and 1 goalie (3 players are 2011 - two previously have moved down to ip) without these 3
Tyler Fehr Trent Graham and Matthew Pette) players novice local will have 10 players and no goalies
Peewee 21 and 2 goalies

Ip 54
15 are jr ip
39 are Sr ip.
Of these 39: 12 are tyke ages 2011’s –
this does not include the three players counted in the novice numbers above
Total Registration this year not including juvenile is 201.  Last season we had 185 players in PSMHA.
This is despite a bunch of non returning players (30 in all divisions )
Directors Notes:
Margaret- Director of Local League
Atom Goalie
 Currently 4 goalies registered to the LL team
 None of the goalies want to play out
 One of the goalies is first year and at a beginner skill level.
 Preferred option: Move one goalie down to Novice and one up to Peewee. Novice LL currently
has no goalie. This will require LMLL approval from to allow Atom age to play Novice.
 Alternate options?

The suggestions are to move 1 goalie down to Novice LL which does not have a goalie. The parents are receptive to the idea but the LL will have to vote on this for approval. Lucas Simms would like to try and move up and will try the practice on Saturday.
The last and not the easiest is that St. Thomas cut 6 players from their AE team and we could try to recruit for a third Atom team.
Novice LL
Will we require 2011 to fill out the team? There were 12 at practice on Saturday and only 8 on Sunday. What is the ideal number here.
There will be an Evaluation on the first skate for the IP’s on Oct 6 th . This will give the board the idea of who should move up.
Games can start Nov 1 st .
26 maximum games between November and March as stated in the Program with no minimum.
Schedule games when your team is ready. Recommended 6 weeks of development season before games start.
Recommended to rotate goalie
LMLL Rep - needs to provide game scheduler the number of teams and tiering at the 25 th meeting
Half Ice play – expecting two teams to come from each center need to advise if only one team.
Port Stanley is going to have 1 Tyke team of 18 kids. That would be somewhat tiered within the team.
Gender Identity – at a minimum deliver the power point to the teams
  Video is available for coaches to download.
  Option – High level review at the Team Meeting. Send the power point to the parents and have them sign something that it was delivered to the player
  Track sign off – player (Above) / parent (Atom and Below)
Jean is going to put together a Gender Identity preamble and tracker so that each team can sign off and the Association can track for auditing purposes. There must be at least 80% compliance as an Organization.

LMLL required action:

  • $70 / team fees due at the next meeting
    If need to drop a goalie down – request through the LMLL with name, level. They have the ability
    to amend the move if he turns out to be too good.
  • Need to know where suspended coaches and players are playing

Game Day Crew

  • 7 gate / time keepers are interested. Some players and some are siblings.
  • Held meeting on Sept 10th reviewed the availability and the clock
  • Crew has been scheduled to work game Sept 12th and 14th, 19th
  • Posting still out there to find someone to lead the crew and do the scheduling and first contact
    point for the crew and to handle the cash. Perhaps coaches can mention it at their team
    meeting. If we can find a volunteer great.
  • Exhibition games have been staffed with 2 people at the gate and 2 in the box going forward I
    would suggest 3 people per game?
  • $14/game

Key LMLL Dates (all meetings are at Strathroy – Gemini Arena)

Craig- Director of Equipment- socks will be delivered to the teams this week Sept 19
Ryan - Director of Development- 4 Skills- times will change to SR IP 5-6pm, both Novice teams and Atom LL 6:15-7:05, Atom Rep and Peewee and up will do the last times. The goalies are welcome to attend. Ryan is still working out goalie times with Paul Gibson.
Scott- Director of Coaching- nothing to report (if coaches need cheques for tournaments they need to see Alex)
Rick- Director of Sponsorship- approaching Formet, Centennial Sports and the Greenlane meeting
Christy- Director of Fundraising:- pepperettes forms will be distributed next week Sept 24 to teams
Heather- Director of Tournaments and Events: conflict regarding ice times with Central Elgin. Heather and Alex to work with times and see what can be done. Update soon. Needs to get posted on the OMHA website. Also exploring the idea of the Matt Moyes Skills Tournament.

Joseph – Director of I/P- there were some issues with registration where some parents signed up for the
wrong program. There will be some refunds issued for Junior IP parents.
Alex- Treasurer- see reports
Motion to approve the Treasurer report – Shane and seconded by Joe, all in favour, carried.
Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative-
“If any centers are moving 7 year old players up to play on their Novice rep team because of center
criteria as per regulation 3.6 I will need the criteria, evaluators names and their position with the
center sent to me for approval as each center could possibly be doing this in a different format. This will
be required before the team rosters can be approved by the appropriate convenor that is looking after
your rosters. I am anticipating in most circumstances any 7 year olds that are moving up onto a Novice
LL team will be for numbers but if it is also because of skill level I will need the same information for
them as I have listed in the above note for Novice rep.” Glenn Silver

1. Memorial sticker for Matt Moyes
Jean and Craig have 250 stickers for the kids to wear on their helmets in recognition for all the support Matt Moyes provided for the PSMHA over the years.
2. Shane submitted a motion, “for a plaque and or banner to recognize the contributions of Matt Moyes to PSMHA” seconded by Craig. All in favour, carried.
3. Pictures- Shooters Photography coming Sept 29th and another TBD date for the IP and any other teams missing that date.
4. Atom Tournament posted on OMHA website
5. Head Trainer- Jim Ford

Meeting adjourned 8:40pm- Luke and seconded by Scott.