May 2018 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintMay 2018
Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association Meeting
Date: May 15th 2018
Karen, Christy, Kelly, Heather, Craig, Margaret, Scott, Ryan, Luke, Jean, Rick, Alex
Agenda: approve the agenda for the current meeting- Christy, second by Heather- carried
Approval of the minutes from the Special Meeting May 1st.  Craig, second by Christy – carried
Directors Notes:
Craig- Director of Equipment
No need to order jersey’s, but still needs more time to go through the equipment room
Make each player buy their own socks?
More information needed for Atomic program and the Timbits program
Ryan - Director of Development:
Has approached Paul Gibson for a goalie clinic. Costs include $70/hour for a practise, $200/development night, $100/ 4:1 ratio
Ideas to share a practise with 2 teams and have the goalies learn with Paul
Would like to be able to have a budget to work with
Scheduling differently for skills nights with Mike Ellis clinic
Scott- Director of Coaching
The coaching survey’s are live on the website
Coaching applications are listed on the website
Rick- Director of Sponsorship
Greenlane information to be provided to Rick from Alex and Luke
Develop sponsorship packages with different amounts of donation
Advertising within the arena, roll up boards for each game or individual teams
Thank you cards from Shooters Photography for the sponsors from 2017/18 season
Alex- Treasurer
Motion to approve the Treasurer report- Christy, second by Heather- carried
Room for Opportunities
Ice Rental is the largest increase of the 2018/19 season
Skill development
Time keeper should remain a paid position
Margaret- Director of Local League
Advertising within the schools
Pamphlets made through Impressions- template to be approved by the board
First meeting is coming up
Christy- Director of Fundraising:
Ideas to keep money for the actual association
Possible fundraising events for the year, dance, dinner
Heather- Director of Tournaments and Events:
Does the association want to do a banquet again? 
Hockey Day in Canada events
Atom tournament- need more planning and volunteers
Group of parents and board members to get their Smart Serve for broomball weekend to benefit from the bar proceeds
Karen to look into group fee for Smart serve lesson
Vacant Positions:
Shamrock and OMHA rep- Shane MacPherson
Scott, second by Craig, all in favour and carried
Registrar- Candice Wakulich- Luke, with Christy second- all in favour and carried
Webmaster- Kelly nominated Sandra Graham- Heather and Jean second (she has since accepted this new role)
I/P Director- Kelly to approach Kevin Lynch again
Ice Scheduler- Luke to approach Pat to stay on in the role.
Director of Game Day Operations-
Cindy not as interested this year as she has a job for the weekends now.
Special Committees:
Sponsorship- Rick, Heather, Christy, Kelly, Sandra
Coaching and Development- Shane, Margaret, Luke, Scott
Discipline- Luke, Christy, Ryan, Craig, Alex, Heather
New Business:
Ice Time for tryouts: is there an option to start a week earlier? Use different centers ice if Port Stanley ice is not in yet? Luke to contact the Municipality
Rules and Regulations needs to be posted on the website
Registration advertising
Meeting for June to be cancelled but with a remote check in on any updates
Motion to Adjourn 8:25pm- Karen and Christy second, all in favour,