June 2021 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintJune 2021

Date:         June 9, 2021

Attendees:   Alex Russell, Isabelle Marchand, Greg Graham, Shelley Boyes, Margaret Powell,  Jean Devine, Stephanie Haynes, Steve Van Duyhoven, Mark Vergeer, Amber Brooks,  Janet Wilson and Jeremy Rouse

Regrets: Joe and Rick

Motion to begin meeting: Steph and Alex  seconded by @  7:00pm

Motion to End Meeting:  Alex and Isabelle seconded by @ 9:00pm

Registrar Report: Nothing

Topics of Discussion:


Directors Notes:

President- Alex Russell

As for AGM awaiting to see when things when open up more once we have a bigger group gathering allowance we will be looking at booking a date

OMHA new pathways for U11 and U9

No games during the Christmas break


VP and Director of Local League- Isabelle Marchand

AGM Local League Meeting June 1,2021


June 12 OMHA AGM meeting- entitled to one rep per shamrock team 1 for every other 20 teams you had in 2020 season 


Any new positions must be reported right away for the new training 


You can register minor development teams, most centres are doing Novice level only, allows you to tier that level 


New Season structure 

Everyone has to play season meaningful hockey until minimum March 1st, Christmas Day to New Years day no league games, also March break Mon-Fri plus 1 of the weekends 


Looking for a convenor to look after rosters for OMHA- OMHA Pays for your internet for the year 


League fee’s to stay the same , game sheet fee’s $85 Per team for the year includes exhibition, league, playoff games 


Motion to have 8 minute penalty threshold per player if that threshold is hit they are out for the remainder of the game - passed,,, accumulation of penalties and suspensions removed , will now be tracked in game sheet 


Motion to eliminate seeding passed, we will now play round robin throughout the season 


Director of Coaching- Greg Graham



Director of Tournament and Events- Shelley Boyes


-update I will be putting a closed sign on the beer shed tomorrow and doing a thank you post


-no updates on the tournament’s still closed on the OMHA website


Director of Development- Margaret Powell   

  Player Development

·        PSMHA was able to offer two rounds of skills developments thanks to direct sponsorship from Green Lane. Two on-ice instructors and coaches participated with groups for 12-20 kids.

o   Round 1 : 10 sessions – M&Ws - $11865 – U9, U11, U13, U15

o   Round 2 : 4 Sessions - M&W - $3300, U9, U11, U13

·        Smaller groups made for better drills and better opportunity for feedback to players

·        $400 training budget offered to goalies.

      Only 1 goalie that took advantage of the skills.  There were a couple that inquired but they were going to take it over the holidays when we were on lockdown.                                                                                 


Director of Sponsorship- Rick Lalonde – Nothing to report

Director of I/P- Joe Hentz  - Nothing to report


Treasurer - Jean Devine    

Some notes below that have been brought to my attention:


·         As we are now incorporated, we are to have a Review Engagement of our financials.  This will have a minimum cost associated of $2000

o   Unless some knows a Licensed Public Accountant that might do it for less

·         We may be able to get away with a Notice to Reader which has less assurance than a Review Engagement

o   My understanding is this is because the law requiring the Review Engagement vs Notice to Reader is not yet in place

o   A tax return is required as well

o   Estimated cost is between $1000-$1200, unless Kelly is able to help in which case it would about $300

·         There may also be an additional cost as we have to file a couple of tax returns given the incorporation date is Sept 17, 2019

·         As we haven’t decided on the year end yet, we may want to consider changing it

o   The year end financials are presented at the AGM but if we continue to hold the AGM in April and year end is in April, there will be insufficient time for the preparation of the documents. It might be ideal to choose a March year end if the intent is to maintain April AGMs.



VP and Director of OMHA and Shamrock Representative- Steve Van Duyhoven

OMHA CREDIT            

Director of Communications-Stephanie Haynes


Director of Equipment - Janet Wilson


Director of Fundraising- Amber Brooks                                                                                                                   


Director at Large-  Jeremy Rouse


Director at Large-  Mark Vergeer                                                                                                                             


Important Dates



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