August 2019 Minutes (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintAugust 2019 Minutes

Date: August 20 2019, 630pm at the Port Stanley Legion

Attendees: Kelly, Alex, Margaret, Jean, Janet, Rick, Shane, Ryan, Shelley

Regrets: Craig, Joe, Scott, Greg

Motion to begin meeting: Jean and seconded by Margaret- 6:40pm

Motion to approve July minutes: Margaret and seconded by Alex.

Registrar Report:

·         Lots of outstanding accounts

·         If first skates start on a Monday before 6:30 I will not be able to collect outstanding registrations (sorry I am at work).  PSMHA policy is no pay no play.

o   Jean has offered to manage a table at the first ice to make sure everyone who steps on the ice has paid, including try-out fees.


Current numbers:

Atom 27 and 4 goalies

Bantam and 28 and 3 goalies (however, one says they will not play in port)

Peewee 20 players and 4 goalies

Pre-novice 16 players

Novice 16 and 1 goalie

Midget 46 and 4 goalies

initiation 24 players

Preschool 10 players


Directors Notes:

Margaret- Director of Local League

Game Day

·         Lynn can’t do full time but is willing to help when available and manage the team

·         We need to put out a posting for Game Day Crew-

o   Margaret to have Christy post on the website for applications for staffing for game day crew

Sponsorship Thank You cards to go to previous sponsors and to remind them that we are always welcoming more donors.  Cards with photos look great, thank you Margaret! 

Herms, Dowler Karn, Hamilton Ward & Cathers, STP, Lions, Optimists (need to add to site), Hockey Moms, Tim Hortons, PHD, Legion, Dodge, Wellington Street, Yarmouth metal fabricators, Rupple Auto Paint, Elgin real estate, Green lane Community, Absolute Exterior Solutions, GTs, Yarmouth Mutual Insurance, Great Lake Apple Farms, Papa Joe’s Pizza – others?


·         Need to cross check the list of suspensions with any new players

·         Ensure coach server the remaining games

Meeting updates:

·         Rowan’s law concussion training, with link on website for parents and discussed in the parent meetings at the beginning of the season. 

·         Gender neutral training to continue

·         no sponsors revolving around cannabis, alcohol or breweries,

·         right of choice can no longer be a post office location,

·         3.5 has been changed to 1 regulation 3.5 per season,

·         requirement for head coach is 19 and or a minimum of 4 years older that the age group to be coached

·         6 game seeding from the previous year to 9 games that need to be played by December 1.  The regular season will commence December 1 and consist of 11 games for a total playing season of 20 games. Two rounds of playoffs

·         Game Sheet App has to be reinstalled after August 3, it will update before the season and again in November, this needs to be done on all IPads before the season starts to avoid any potential issues

Coaches / Manager Meeting

·         Coach meeting to review suspensions and game sheet

·         Review new rules for LMLL         




Registration Status


Coach Email


Manager Email

Preschool & Initiation




Greg Graham

[email protected]







Mtich Vermue

[email protected]



Pre- Novice




Joe Hentz

[email protected]











Novice LL




Rob Jansen

[email protected]



Novice Rep




Kevin Barendregt

[email protected]






Closed to Goalies






Atom LL



Austin Hepburn

[email protected]



Atom Rep




Jason Underhill

[email protected]






Closed to Goalies







Red LL



Hugh Guerts

[email protected]



Black LL



Ryan Ward

[email protected]











Red LL




Jason Palmer

[email protected]



Black LL




Shawn Hutton

[email protected]






Wait List Goalies





Midget Red



Craig Simm

[email protected]



Midget Black



Larry Hunking

[email protected]



Midget White



Trent Frayne

[email protected]




Craig- Director of Coaching:

Novice LL: Rob Jansen 

Novice rep: Kevin Barendregt           

Atom LL: Austin Hepburn

Atom rep: Jason Underhill     

Peewee LL RED: Hugh Guerts

Peewee LL BLACK: Ryan Ward

Bantam LL RED: Jason Palmer           

Bantam LL BLACK: Shawn Hutton      

Midget LL RED: Craig Sim 

Midget LL BLACK: Larry Hunking 

Midget LL WHITE: Trent Frayne

I/p Greg Graham, Mitch Vermue, Joe Hentz.


·         Create a general email for coaches and or managers so information can be sent out en mass to them.

Agenda items for coaches meeting: (from Alex)

·         Items on that agenda - 1st ice (Sept 9)

·         # of players to take per team and how to select them

·         Playing time (Never shorten the bench during seeding games, fair play during the regular season and everyone plays in the playoffs.  Fair does not mean equal - but especially in the regular season benching should be primarily for discipline issues. 

·         Discipline process

·         AP encouragement (AP players can attend any/all practices they can, game time is at coaching staff discretion (but if they call up a player, that player needs to play at least a shift per period) - exception is goalie if the coach has pre-notified the parent/player that they do not plan on playing them unless there is an injury or other extenuating circumstance. 

·         tournament reimbursement and booking (some fill up quickly, especially way ones where hotels must be arranged). 

·         Skills plan and expectation (to be on the ice helping with player control/learning how to run the drills) 

·         Parent meeting requirements (Code of Conduct, trainer information sheet, new concussion acknowledgement sign off, gender training sign off, 24 hour rule, volunteer expectation, Hockey Mom's)

·         The importance of the parent rep position

·         Rule Clarification - if teams have players/parents who are not enrolled in minor hockey they are not covered by our insurance and cannot be on ice that PSMHA pays for.

o   We will need a motion to give each team 159.65 (141.28 +HST) or 319.30 to pay for an hour or 2 themselves. 

·         Volunteer hours – 3 hours/team to supplement the tournament

·         Each team will do their own fundraising with Jean stepping in to do the pepperette fundraiser


Shelley- Director of Tournament and Events:

·         Shelley to send her working notes to Kelly for addition to the meeting notes

·         Sub Committee- Shelley, Janet, Jean, Margaret, Alex, Rick and Kelly


Ryan - Director of Development:

·         Goalies to look for a program, if desired, in which the board will reimburse up to $400. 

Rick- Director of Sponsorship:

·         Green lane application and need to finalize Goalie Skills cost, $4800, and $500 for IP development  

o   Asking for $25,000 total with the specifics of development and a skills focused application letter. 

·         Sponsorship letters going out to all previous sponsors and people who have inquired.   Sponsorship Letters available for disbursements-

o   Rick to send out to the Executive to see if anyone else can round up sponsors.

·         Sponsorship Pages are now on website 

·         Sponsorship plans for tournament-

·         Froster’s sponsorship Application- Pewee and Bantam application already submitted


Joe – Director of I/P- nothing to report

Jean – Treasurer Report: attached report

Shane-OMHA and Shamrock Representative:

·         Final decisions and requirements to come in the next week regarding the Novice rep hockey see below

o   Novice rep is in Division 1 where they will only play one side of a team at a time, which requires a min of 10 on a roster

o   Practise to game ratio is key 3:1

September to October




4 games (3:1 practice ratio - 9 weeks average 2 practices per week)


Division 1 and Division 2 broken into 2 groups - that play each other once based on proximity)

November to January 15




10 games (2:1 practice ratio - 9 weeks average 2 practices per week)


Division 1 and Division 2 play within their own division, 1 game against every other centre plus one additional)

January 15 to March 25 -




10 games (2:1 practice ratio - 9 weeks - average 2 practices per week


Coach meeting prior to scheduling to put like centres together based on skill level of the teams through review of first half of season

This equals about 1 game every other week in the first two months, and about one game a week after that until the end of the season (taking out Christmas break)

This is consistent with what IP is currently doing, and is not considered to be excessive for 8 and 9 year olds.

Matchups will be setup in One Db and Centres will be required to contact each other and book within the time period provided based on ice schedules

It is important to note that Alliance has come out with Novice MD scheduling and they are committed to a 24-26 game season, this is consistent with that.

The Following 2 divisions will apply for the September to January 15th Half Ice Portion

Divison 1: Will only use half of the ice surface for games with the entire roster or agree to play with a smaller number of players on the ice (ie 3 on 3)

Division 2: Will use both sides of the ice surface to run 2 games at once with a split roster. Teams will agree prior to the start of the game if the roster will be
split evenly by skill level or if they will be tiered.


Greg- Director of Equipment:

·         Tim Hortons jerseys have all been received. 

·         When I’m back I will be putting as much time in in the minor hockey room as I can to get the final prep done for the season.  I will get the crest issue jerseys out to replace the crest will better ones.

·         I need to get the atom jerseys out and organized. 

·         can we make a decision of the socks we need to order at the meeting keeping in mind we do not need socks for pre-novice or atom LL.  For stock in socks we have as follows.

18 small

17 med

13 large

11 x large

Let me know on decision and I will order.

o   Novice and below do not need any as they are TH players

o   Small- 30 pairs

o   Medium 40 pairs

o   Large – 55 pairs

o   XL- 50 pairs


·         Trainer’s kit contents

·         I emailed rick with price on the shooter tutor and puck bumpers. 

For 2 pcs of the tutors would be $878 USD

For 4 pcs of the puck bumpers $1996 USD

At today’s exchange that’s about $3825 CAD plus shipping. Does PSMHA have a credit card? no

Also, when purchasing in USD on credit card it’s usually 2-3% for the transaction.  My best guess this would be pushing $4500 CAD by the time it’s all said and done.



·         Firm up date for photographer, Bob @ Shooters is willing to commit to a Saturday in late October

o   Oct 25th- 26th

·         Firm up spirit wear day - I liked it when it coincided with picture day.

·         Lynn has communicated that she will have many work conflicts on Sat this season and has asked if we still want her.  My thought is yes.  She did a great job organizing things last season and if she is willing to organize I'm ok with her delegating the 'lead person' duties when she cannot be there. 

·         Review and approve ice bill - looks pretty much as we had discussed, with the Sailors asking for some of our Fridays. 

September tryout schedule:

Monday September 9th

5-6 Nov Rep tryout 1

6-7 Atom Rep tryout 1

7-830 Midget

7-740 1 & 2,

750-830 Midget 3 & 4


Wednesday September 11th

5-6 Nov Rep tryout 2

6-7 Atom Rep tryout 2


Thursday September 12th

830 Peewee

930 Bantam


Friday September 13th

5-6 Nov Rep (tryout 3)

6-7 Atom Rep (tryout 3)

7-8 Peewee

8-9 Bantam

9-10 Midget 1 and 2


Saturday September 14th

7-8 Nov LL

8-9 Nov Rep

9-10 Atom LL

10-11 Atom Rep

11-12 Peewee 1

12-1 Peewee 2

1-2 Bantam 1

2-3 Bantam 2

3-4 Midget 1 and 2

5-630 Midget 3 and 4



Sunday September 15th

7-8 Nov LL

8-9 Atom LL

9-10 Peewee 1

10-11 Peewee 2

11-12 Bantam 1

12-1 Bantam 2

7-8 Midget 1

8-9 Midget 2

9-10 Midget 3



·         For incorporation, Joe has reached out to OMHA to confirm if there are any special requirements before incorporating.  Once we hear from OMHA, we can move forward




Important Dates


August 27th

Coaches meeting: Alex and Craig

September 9th

First ice

September 10th

LL meeting

September 24


coaches scheduling meeting – Atom coaches 6:30pm-7:15pm, Peewee/Bantam/Midget 7:15pm-9:00pm

October 8

LL meeting: Novice coaches will also be arriving to schedule their games

Oct 25-26th

Team photographs

November 1-3

Port Stanley Memorial Atom LL Tournament