December 2017 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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PSMHA Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2017 6:38 pm start time. Port Stanley Legion

Attendance:  Kevin, Christine, Ryan, Craig, Scott, Luke, Karen, Candice, Bob, Alex,  Todd Sawyer, Brian Rieger

Regrets: Heather, Shane, and Rob

Parent Team Rep Reports

JR IP- practicing-no games scheduled yet-roster issues and parents need to take RIS

SR IP-has had exhibition games versus Lambeth(strong teams) and Dorchester (even play), cycling through goalies with new equipment, tournament in Glencoe in Jan, 10 game exhibition schedule arranged, most of the kids are going to the Knights jamboree, looking for a tournament/jamboree to go to in March

Novice Rep-doing fine-competitive, 19-8-1 record, playoffs to start after weekend

Novice LL-Dodge Caravan approval and doing well- 3rd in top division of LMLL

Atom LL1- no rep present

Atom LL2- no rep present

Peewee LL1- top division of league in lower ½ 1 tie and all losses close scores, going to an outdoor tournament in Buffalo, did OK in Mooretown tournament, things are going well

Peewee LL2- in Aylmer tournament Dec 28th and Tillsonburg in March

Bantam LL1- 2-2-2 in seeding - B division of league now and has 8 straight wins, went to the finals in Mooretown going to Columbus Ohio and will likely play an exhibition game there.

Bantam LL2- A division, lost in the final of the tournament 4-2 in Dorchester –played with 9 skaters playing well and going to Millbrook tournament at end of Jan

Midget LL1- doing alright

Midget LL2- teenage angst- seem to be doing ok, in B division, was in a tournament in Hespeler and had fun

Reps were reminded that at least one but 2 team officials should be in the change room (risk management)

Approval of Past Minutes            Motion-Alex to accept the minutes- Second- Scott- all in favour

Appeal of AP fees – Todd Sawyer and Brian Rieger – want the 2017-18 AP fee waived or modified.  Rationale: Bantam has limited numbers and AP vital to existence- they would forfeit without AP’s, no rep, no AE and no select was provided for peewee kids.  They want the AP fee eliminated because there is a lack of options, want the AP fees permanently waived unless the division is offered a rep or select team

OMHA/Shamrock Report –Luke  

Team officials there should be 2 in change room. 

X-Ice- 2018-19 all TYKE to be Cross ice in 2019-2020 novice will also be cross ice as per Hockey Canada

Jan 2- play down meeting OMHA play downs in Strathroy- Gemini

No games can start before 6:15 pm

All-star games still needs hosting centers

LMLL Report – Bob

No scheduler has been hired for LMLL

Novice to Bantam 2 rounds of playoffs guaranteed midget only one

One player was moved from Peewee2 LL (14+1) to Bantam LL1( 10+ 1)  parents made request directly to LL director-Bantam coach was unaware until change happened- better communication is needed.

LMLL wants to know if we keep the gate fees estimated we make $500 per week –would increase player fee if we eliminated. 

With minimum wage going up—it will increase cost to gate keeper/timekeeper


IP Program Report- Kevin   

See info in SR IP and JR IP team reports

Motion -Candice to reduce fee for a JR IP child starting hockey Jan 6th 2018 to $150 from $300 Second Scott ALL in favour

Financial Report- Alex

Greenlane cheque for $11,500

Reimbursements coming in from teams for tournaments

Not a lot of big expenses left for the season; estimate that $2000 will be remaining at the end of the season.

Alex does not remember a deposit from the broomball tournament from last year- will contact Alana.


Registration Report-Candice -nothing to report

Coaching Report- Scott-nothing to report

Equipment Report-Craig

Looking into getting the door code changed

Stone sharpeners in trainer kits not standing up-breaking

Scotiabank crests can be ironed onto the Timbit jerseys for their sponsorship

Program Development-Rob-nothing to report-absent

Fundraising Report-Christy

Second round of pepperettes just finished and $10,000 in orders done so far in the association-if requested she would do a third round


Sponsorship Report- position still vacant

Special Events/Tournaments-Heather-nothing to report-absent

Preservation of PSMHA committee report -nothing to report


  1. Rules and Regulations need to be discussed at the next meeting

  2. AP fees- a parent is filing an appeal regarding the increase in AP fees from last season

    Motion-Luke to waive AP fees for the 2017-18 season –Second Craig – Vote 5 for and 4 against – 1 abstained – PASSED—two paid AP fees need to be refunded

    AGM topics – need to be posted to website soon- 30 days noticed required to post any discussions-March 16-2018.  Positions available need to be posted.  Date is APRIL 17-2018-Arena needs to be booked for meeting

    REP Hockey Debate:  It was proposed that we send out a survey to all players parent-one vote per player-handed out by coaches with background information regarding REP hockey in Port and get an idea what the membership would like to happen.  Alex is to prepare a document discussing the Rep debate in Port this will be distributed to all players (via the coaches) with a specific due date for return for assessment.   Should we be having a special meeting? - Needs 30 days’ notice before it can happen but we need to see the survey results first to decide whether it is needed or not.

    HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA-no report from Heather The ice was booked off for all teams..most have away games that day.  No information from Hockey Mom’s as to their involvement this year.  Room upstairs is booked from 10-3pm.  A novice rep game can be booked (playdowns) otherwise practices.  A JRC game is scheduled.

    Motion to adjourn meeting Bob- Second by Scott All in favour –Adjourned at 9:15pm