August 2017 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Preservation of Port Stanley Minor Hockey Committee Agenda


Meeting, August 14, 2017


Start 715


Location Roadhouse St Thomas



Rob, Karen, Kevin, Ryan, Scott, Luke, Alex  





Update from neighbouring centres (Aylmer, Belmont, Lambeth, St Thomas, West Lorne).


Aylmer – No response

West Lorne – No response

Lambeth – “Lambeth is not looking to join.  Good luck this season.”
Belmont – “I am going to talk to a few members, but my first impressions the distance could be an issue, especially if we drive past 3 other arenas on our way.  I would love to see how the process goes for you guys, I may reach out to see how things are going.”

St Thomas – “We are open to discussions”



Status quo – reason for this committee is because status quo is no longer viable – we want to generate/evaluate our own options and control our destiny. 

LL only – see Point Edward summary as possible base (inbound players granted right of choice for rep)

Merge rep players with 1 or more centres – see NobelKing agreement as possible base

Complete Amalgamation – does not align with our guidelines, therefore we will not pursue


New Option that has come forward – Build on our OMHA Championship season, renew skills commitment, provide more consistent ice time (scheduling and qty) and provide an environment where players strive to become rep players.  If we lose a few players to AAA or NRP that should be an opportunity for an AP player to earn a full roster spot, not result in the folding of the team.  To accomplish that we need to develop more players (including goalies) at all levels.

A general discussion was held and while we agree this sounds ideal, it isn’t realistic in our declining registration environment.  We are good at the lower ages because you only need 10 players to field a team.  The OMHA Championship team last year was blessed with a AAA goal scorer and AAA goalie.  There are still some good players at that age, but there were not any cuts last year to draw from.  If/when they lose another player or two to peewee NRP this team will be like our older ones and struggle to be competitive and/or viable.   


Next Steps:

Short Term (for this season)

Ice schedule – key is to get some consistency, so interested players can secure additional ice/training elsewhere. 

Skills - higher participation (players and coaches) – Free and early in the season will help. 

AP additional players to develop more players.


Longer-term (for next season)

Present to the board that based on the feedback of other associations, we will initiate discussions with St. T.  Our opening position will be the NobelKing model, it has been approved by OMHA and could be as simple as changing the centre names. 

Alex to motion this at the Aug 21 board meeting. -Approved Aug 21 2017

Once we have a mutually agreeable proposal it will go back to both associations for votes.


Next Meeting:

2rd Tuesday 12th of Sept 630 at the Roadhouse (back to Tuesday’s so the meeting doesn’t conflict with hockey. 

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