Jr. Sailors Jamboree (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

Jr. Sailors Jamboree
Please fill out and submit.

Contact Will Buckborough for more information @ [email protected]

Entries are on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Entries are not considered complete until ALL forms and payments are received.

I acknowledge that I am aware that this Jamboree is Non-Body Contact.

I acknowledge that my teams entry into this Jamboree will not be considered finalized until full payment is received and cleared by tournament organizers.

I agree, on behalf of the above team, to release the sponsors of the Jamboree, it's officials, arena management, Port Stanley Minor Hockey Association and all concerned with the Jamboree from liability for any injury, accident, which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in the Jamboree or travelling to or from the Jamboree.