Boundary and Registration Changes for the 2022-2023 Season, News (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

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Apr 25, 2022 | shaynes | 1667 views
Boundary and Registration Changes for the 2022-2023 Season
Some of the F.A.Q.'s you may all have 

Q. Why have the boundaries changed for the coming season?

A. The former boundaries were based on a mutual understanding between 4 organizations and was created in 2000.  Due to changes in registration, city growth, and minor hockey over the last 22 years the agreement no longer worked for all centers.


Q. Why was there no vote or choice?

A. Because the agreement was not contractually binding any one association could cancel the agreement at any time with reasonable notice.


Q. What are the new boundaries for Port Stanley?

A. If you live inside the town limits of the village of Port Stanley, you are considered a Port Stanley resident and obligated to P.S.M.H.A. for the purpose of residence restrictive (REP) hockey.  If live outside the town limits, you will need to check your address for right of choice.


Q. What is right of choice?

A. Right of choice is given to players that live between two or more minor hockey centers.  Once a player has been rostered to a representative team or filed a “Declaration of Right of Choice” with a minor hockey organization they become obligated to that organization for REP hockey going forward.  This decision can only be made once.


Q. How do I determine if I have right of choice?

A. Based on Rule 3.4 Right of choice in the OMHA manual of operations Right of Choice is determined by measuring the distance from your driveway to the center point of the closest minor hockey centers.  If the difference between the distance to the two or more centers is less than 8KM you are granted right of choice.  If it is more than 8KM you must play in the closest center.  See below for center points and example.

Port Stanley center point is the post office located at 238 Frances St.

St. Thomas center point is the post office located at 204 First St.


A = the shortest route from your driveway to 204 First Ave in km

B = the shortest route from your driveway to 238 Frances Street in km

If A - B < 8km then you are in a right of choice area.  It does not matter which one is closer, if the difference is not greater than 8km.

If A - B > 8 then you are not in a right of choice area.


Q. Does this affect local league hockey?

A. No, local league hockey is not residence restrictive.


Q. Will Port Stanley continue to offer REP hockey.

A. Port Stanley will continue to offer the best programming options available, but this is based on player interest and availability.  As we have done in the past, the board of directors will evaluate registration numbers and interest in REP hockey and make a decision prior to AA,A tryouts.


Q. What if Port Stanley Minor Hockey does not offer REP hockey at my age?

A. If you are bound to Port Stanley for residence restrictive hockey and there is no REP team in Port Stanley you can follow rule 3.5 Exemption to play in another center in the OMHA manual of operations.  There is no change to this.


Where should I register for hockey if I want to try out for A,AA in St. Thomas?

1)      If you are a Port Stanley resident player you must register in Port Stanley if you are planning to play REP hockey, you can tryout for AAA,AA,A hockey by requesting a permission to skate form or NRP passport from the organization PSMHA.

2)      If you are in a right of choice area you can:

a.       Register in Port Stanley and declare right of choice, you can tryout for A,AA as described above.  You will be bound to Port Stanley for REP hockey and follow this process each year as we have done in the past.

b.       Register in Port Stanley as you always have, you can try out for A,AA as described above and if you make a team you become bound to that center once you are rostered to a team or fill out a declaration of right of choice.  You cannot try out for the second entry team in St. Thomas without first declaring right of choice.

c.       You can fill out a right of choice form and submit to St. Thomas to have your home center changed.  Once this is done you are a resident player in St. Thomas and can try out as such.  You can only return to Port Stanley for LL or as a reverse NRP after being released from all available levels of REP hockey in St. Thomas.


Q. What if I was in Port Stanley’s boundaries and now, I am in St. Thomas boundaries with no right of choice and I do not want to go to St. Thomas?

A. This does not apply to many of our registrants but there may be a few.  You will only be eligible for representative hockey in St. Thomas.  If you wish to play representative hockey you should register with St. Thomas and follow the try out process.  If you wish to play LL you can continue to register in Port Stanley.  If you have played in Port Stanley for years you may qualify for a “Grandfather Clause” this will need to be reviewed case by case.  If this applies to you, please contact the board of directors for further information.


As always, PSMHA will continue to work our hardest to offer the best possible programming for our members.  If you have any further question please reach out, we are here to help.  Please be patient as inquiries are high right now and preference will be given to questions regarding U15 and above given the time constraint because of spring tryouts.

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