July 2017 (Port Stanley Minor Hockey)

PrintJuly 2017

Future Options Meeting, July 10, 2017


Start 630



Alex, Candice, Bob, Kevin, Scott, Ryan, Karen

Absent – Luke, Rob


Our Name - Preservation of Port Stanley Minor Hockey Committee


Our Mandate

“Investigate all options and recommend a long-term solution for PSMHA as a whole.”



We have a sense of urgency as our declining numbers reduce our bargaining position

We have the best LL system around and any solution must preserve that

We cannot count on the OMHA, neighbouring associations or anyone else to help us fix our issues – we need to drive the process. 

Our current rep system is broken and must be changed (fudging addresses, signing up for rep just to get a release if the team is folded, cancelling multiple teams at the last minute, competitiveness drops significantly as players age)



What we discuss will be made public and posted on the website for all to see – this will reduce the rumours and if we consistently refer people back to the website the message will get through.

Add a link on this page to send an email to members of this committee.  Could be questions, or comments – the question/comment and response of the committee will be added to a FAQ section on that page after the next meeting. Ie, we will respond to everything we receive – no answer = rumours and rumours and not helpful. 

Note - There may be some items that we decide should remain confidential (ie if we get into negotiations with another centre(s).  In that case the committee will discuss answers in camera and share at meeting(s) of the membership.    


Meeting frequency

2nd Monday of the Month (switching to Tuesday when the hockey season starts).  630 at the Roadhouse


What centres do we talk to?                       

Inquiry sent out to the Presidents of our neighbouring associations (Aylmer, Belmont, Lambeth, St Thomas, West Lorne) to see how involved they want to be.  Positive responses from Belmont and St Thomas, no responses yet from Aylmer, Lambeth and West Lorne.

Give remaining associations a deadline of our next meeting to respond, ask for follow-up on one that have – are you wanting to be apprised of our progress, or do you want to be at the table?   



Status quo – reason for this committee is because status quo is no longer viable – we want to generate/evaluate our own options and control our destiny. 

LL only – see Point Edward summary as possible base (inbound players granted right of choice for rep)

Merge rep players with 1 or more centres – see NobelKing agreement as possible base

Complete Amalgamation – does not align with our guidelines, therefore we will not pursue


Next Steps:

Update our board

Reach out to centres that have confirmed interest in speaking with us (be advised, or actively participate).

Reach out to centres that have not responded to ensure they receive it (ie not a dead email address). 

Update website

Create email list


Next Meeting:

2rd Monday, 14th of August 630 Roadhouse. 

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